FBI email servers have been hacked to target security researchers

The FBI appears to have been used as a pawn in the fight between hackers and security investigators. According to Bleeping Computer, The FBI confirmed that intruders compromised its email servers early today (November 13) to send fake messages claiming that the recipients were prone to data breaches. The emails tried to attach non-existent attacks on Vinnie Troy, the leader of the dark web protection firms NightLion and Shadowbyte.

The non-profit intelligence organization Spamhaus quickly to illuminate to fake messages. The attackers used legitimate FBI systems to carry out the attack, using, among other sources, email addresses retrieved from the U.S. Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) database. Over 100,000 addresses received fake emails in at least two waves.

The FBI described the hacking as a “permanent situation” and initially had no more details to share. He asked e-mail recipients to report such messages to the Internet Crime Complaints Center or the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency. Troia said Bleeping Computer he believed the perpetrators could be linked to “Pompomourin,” a person who had attacked the researcher in the past.

Arguments between hackers and the security community are not new. In March, attackers using Microsoft Exchange servers tried to involve security journalist Brian Krebs to use a fake domain. However, they rarely use the actual domains of government agencies such as the FBI as part of their campaign. While this could be more efficient than usual (the FBI was overwhelmed by calls from troubled IT administrators), it could also provoke a particularly quick response – law enforcement will not be kind enough to be a victim.

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