Father and daughter found via iPad mobile signal after plane crash

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The iPad is credited with helping investigators find the man and child who went missing after a plane crash in Pennsylvania on Sunday.

The 58-year-old pilot and his 13-year-old daughter were in a Cessna 150, a small two-seater, single-engine plane, which they briefly flew from Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Pennsylvania. Shortly after takeoff, state police say the plane fell off the radar, triggering a search for the aircraft.

The plane and both passengers were found after a five-hour search, which included assistance from the U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, reports CNN. The plane crashed about seven miles southeast of the airport, in a wooded area.

According to the police, the rescue teams started the search from the last known location of the plane, but the pings of the devices in the possession of the couple helped us locate them.

“They (the rescue team) managed to ping a mobile phone and found that the daughter has an iPad, and with certain iPads, you can ping signals to it, and when we get that coordinate, we located them there,” said the head of the volunteer company Bear Creek James. Seraph. It is likely that Serafin meant the mobile option available for the iPad, and not a service such as the Find My network in this case.

The man and the girl were discovered in a pre-hypothermic condition and suffered minor injuries, but were transferred to the hospital for recovery. “They were huddled together trying to keep warm,” Serafin added.

The boss said it is rarely heard that the survivors crashed in a “very wooded” area. “They had to go through the trees and everything. It was definitely a miracle.”

Apple products have been used to detect the location of other assets in a variety of ways. For AirTag, which is designed to help find things other than Apple, he helped police find the stolen car.

In 2011, the Find My iPhone feature helped search engines find a Chilean Air Force plane that crashed at sea. The accident, 1 km southwest of the island of Robinson Crusoe in Chile, killed 21 people and caused enough damage to the aircraft that no piece larger than 20 inches was found.

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