Fans of the iPhone SE could wait until 2024 for a major redesign

But you can look forward to 5G.

The iPhone SE could pass without a significant design upgrade by 2024, according to one tipster. This year’s refresh is expected to add 5G connectivity and better internal components, but it probably won’t look any different from the last iPhone SE.

When Apple finally manages to give its most affordable smartphone a little color, it is expected to look like the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, but with a “slightly smaller screen”.

The iPhone SE will not experience a design refresh this year

Apple’s primary goal with the iPhone SE is to deliver a compelling smartphone at an incredibly attractive price. The device is intended for customers with a limited budget, and perhaps more importantly, children get an iPhone for the first time.

The easiest way to keep costs low is to avoid major changes to iPhone SE hardware. Which is probably why, according to the Twitter tipster @dylandkt, the next generation iPhone SE will look exactly the same.

Apple will continue to use the familiar form factor this year, which was originally introduced with the iPhone 8 in 2017, Dylan said this week. However, a refreshed design is planned that will likely use the shape factor of the iPhone 11 in 2024.

The iPhone SE will get 5G this year

But not all bad news. Those planning to purchase the new iPhone SE this year can expect to get a 5G connection as well as “advances in specs,” Dylan added. This will likely include a faster chip and improved cameras.

The upgrade will make the next iPhone SE Apple’s most affordable 5G smartphone. The company already leads the 5G market, with deliveries and profits that easily surpass those of its rivals.

Dylan also said this week that Apple is researching a number of designs for its first foldable iPhone. While it’s always advisable to accept rumors like this with a pinch of salt, the tipster has pretty impressive results.

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