Facebook’s ‘Professional Mode’ allows creators to monetize their profile page

Facebook has launched a new professional profile mode that will allow eligible creators to make money without the need to create a special page. This feature is part of a billion-dollar investment in the creators of Meta’s Facebook parents, which includes bonuses for influencers on Instagram and an extension of the Stars program announced yesterday by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The biggest feature of the professional fashion profile is the addition of the Reels Play bonus program, which allows creators to earn up to $ 35,000 per month based on reviews of qualified reels (videos). Previously, this program was only open to users with pages. For starters this will be just an invitation for professional profiles, with more information on how to create rings here.

As part of Reels, Facebook plans to add the ability to create longer reels of 60 seconds, save drafts while creating, and create multi-clip compositions. Those features are coming “soon” and plans to expand Reels to more countries next year. Professional mode also allows profiles to see the same type of analytics data about posts and audiences that site users receive, including shares, reactions, and comments. You can also see the number of followers grow over time.

There is a caveat that, not surprisingly, includes privacy. When you turn on professional mode, “everyone can follow you and see your public content in their feed,” Facebook said. However, you will still be able to restrict certain posts or updates to friends only.

Facebook is playing to catch up with rival platforms with a community of creators, especially TikTok, which recently crossed 3 billion downloads and is ahead of Facebook in user engagement. In addition to the new profiles, a Stars store website has recently been introduced that allows creators to make money from followers without paying a commission to the app store. The professional mode is being tested with a limited number of profiles in the U.S. today, but will be extended to more people in the U.S. “soon” and more countries in the coming months.

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