Facebook will invest $ 150 million in VR learning experiences

Virtual reality can be a powerful teaching tool, but it is only as good as the content available to the medium. Facebook wants to increase the availability of VR learning content as part of its efforts to shift the focus to the metaverse and has created a $ 150 million fund to achieve that goal. The social network announced that it is spending so much on achieving its VR learning goals in the next three years at its Connect 2021 event.

As Facebook hopes to build a strong learning ecosystem in the metaverse, it plans to do more than just create impressive educational experiences. Part of the money will go to training augmented reality and virtual reality creators, so they can create their own experiences. Facebook works with Unity to teach people the skills needed to create educational VR content – mostly using Unity’s “Create with VR for Educators” tool with Quest 2 devices to teach nonprofits and educational institutions. In addition, he works with several educational institutions, including historically black colleges and universities, as well as nonprofits to create impressive experiences.

Finally, Facebook says it is taking steps to increase people’s access to educational VR materials. After all, all that work will fail if no one uses it to learn new things.

Mark Rabkin, vice president of Oculus, said in a statement:

“VR is not just fun and games. If you’ve ever traveled the world with Wonder, explored Japan with Tokyo Origami or admired the heavens in Titans of Space PLUS, then you know that VR can be a powerful means of education as well … There’s a lot of work in between places where we are now and where we see the metaverse in the future. We are excited and hope you will go with us on the journey. “

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