Facebook renamed Meta, iFixit crashes MacBook Pro and polishing cloth, more

In case you missed events and interesting news from the world of Apple this week, take a look at this review of the most important stories to keep everyone up to date with everything that Apple is.

This week was full of activities around the Apple world. Most importantly, Facebook has announced that it will now be called Meta. Meanwhile, MacBook Pro users have struggled to ensure items aren’t hidden behind its notch, and Apple’s solution to that is less than ideal. Some iOS stable and beta updates were also released this week, while Polishing Cloth became something of a cult hit.

This week, social media giant Facebook announced that it had changed the name of its parent company to Meta. From December 1, the company’s designation on the stock exchanges will change from FB to MVRS. Rebranding is an attempt to dive deeper into AR and VR enabled by social interactions.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the establishment of the Metaverse team back in July. It has been announced that the head of Facebook Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth, will be promoted to the role of Chief Technology Officer next year. Zuckerberg said he hopes to “connect a billion people in the next decade” with Metavers. The company also unveiled Project Cambria VR headsets and announced a $ 10 billion investment to develop the Metaverse.

Following the launch of its new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple briefly struggled with delivering orders on time and delayed delivery dates. However, thanks to the good people at iFixit, we already know what’s inside the MacBook Pro. The disassembly pointed out that the batteries now have pull-out tabs like smartphones to make replacement easier.

The disassembly of the MacBook Pro also revealed the inclusion of modular I / O ports on the notebook and a design with two fans and one heart used for cooling. ChargerLab tore up the MacBook Pro’s 140-watt USB-C power adapter, showed Apple’s intricate circuit and how it packed a delivery of such high power into a decent-sized charger.

Disassembling the 14-inch MacBook Pro

This week, a Twitter user pointed out that macOS Monterey is doing pretty poorly at adjusting the notches on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro devices. The person complained that the items in the menu bar often disappeared behind the comma and that the cursor was blocked from entering the notched area, but only in some cases.

The next day, Apple delivered a support document detailing how MacBook Pro users can enable “scaling to fit under the built-in camera.” Enabling this setting reduces the display so that the notch environment is dimmed. However, the side bezels are also bold as Apple retains the width-to-height ratio. This makes the screen look just like the latest generation MacBook Pro.

After a rush of memes about the $ 19 Apple Polishing Cloth, iFixit took a break from disassembling the MacBook Pro and announced the disassembly of the virus add-on. For context, a polishing cloth is ordered in 10 to 12 weeks and sold out in physical retail outlets.

Separately New York Times The report cites an anonymous Apple CEO who claimed that the iPhone manufacturer was “not surprised” by the huge demand and popularity of polishing cloth.

Other Apple Top Stories This Week:

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