Facebook Messenger “Split Payments” aims to organize costs

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Although Facebook Messenger entry into personal finance it’s not new, I’ve never been able to think of it as a payment platform. It is more of a mailbox from which aunts, uncles and friends high school inflated messages when I didn’t write on Facebook for a while. But now it is becoming clearer to Messenger I will be happy to take care of my money if I allow it.

The Facebook Messenger team provided a brief overview new “Shared payments ” characteristic ua news announcement on Friday. It’s basically a way of organizing and paying the common costs you have to deal with friends, roommates, co-workers, or anyone you share accounts with. Similar to applications like Splitwise, Split Payments allows you to create a shared expense, split your account evenly, or modify your contribution to suit each person. You also have the option to opt in or out of the cost.

Once all the information is in the app, you can send a request to the people who need to pay you in Messenger, receive the payment via Facebook Pay (Venmo version), and transfer to your bank account.

“If you’ve struggled with sharing (and returning) group dinners, shared household expenses or even a monthly rent, it will soon become easier for you,” the Facebook Messenger team said in the announcement.

The company did not give many details about Split Payments. From the promotional image provided, it appears to be designed for use in group chats in Messenger. Payments from person to person they are already possible through Facebook Pay on Messenger, but it is not clear whether Split Payment functions, such as splitting accounts into equal parts, will be available in these cases.

I will not lie, Facebook, or to say, Metin, the record is still there privacy, data mining, i, pa, everything else it doesn’t really inspire me to give Messenger my credit card information. Plus, as I mentioned before, Messenger just isn’t that positioned in my brain. Of course, it’s super obvious he wants me to entrust my money to him, but I have other apps for it. More secure with multi-factor authentication and great customer service.

Messenger will start testing Split Payments next week for US users Function will be offered free of charge. No information has been provided on when this feature will appear for everyone in the U.S. or whether it will appear internationally.

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