Facebook is slowing product development due to ‘reputation reviews’, the report said

Facebook is reportedly developing its products, so it can conduct “reputation checks” after the discovery of the whistleblower Frances Haugen about the company.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has “retained some work on existing products,” while a team of employees is analyzing how the work could further damage their reputation. The group is considering potential negative effects on children, as well as criticisms that the company could face.

Zuckerberg alluded to the change on Tuesday – his first since the discovery of the whistleblower went public. “I believe that in the long run, if we continue to try to do what is right and provide experiences that improve people’s lives, it will be better for our community and our business,” he wrote. “I’ve asked company leaders to study our business in detail in many areas over the next few days so you can see everything we’re doing to get there.”

The change is one of the clearest signs of how much Haugen’s findings have shaken the company in recent weeks. Facebook has its work on the Instagram Kids app, after WSJ a company research report showing that Instagram is detrimental to the mental health of some teenagers. Although Facebook tried its own research, the pressure rose from Haugen, a former product manager, who testified at a three-hour Senate hearing this week.

She Zuckerberg and other executives have given priority to the growth of the social network over user security, and that the company has misled the public about its moderation technology based on artificial intelligence. She used Facebook to make her research more accessible and called on Congress to impose new regulations on the platform.

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