Facebook is announcing a community summit in 2021, launching a new program for joint prizes worth $ 350,000

Facebook has announced the date of its 2021 Communities Summit, with a virtual event to be held on November 4, where Facebook will bring together moderators from various Facebook groups to provide insights and advice, and share reviews of upcoming tools and features.

As Facebook explained:

“TThe Facebook Community Summit is an opportunity to bring together community builders from around the world to connect with each other, hear from our executives about the latest product features, and learn from each other’s experiences. This year, FCS will be virtually hosted, and we will present our latest products that will allow group members and administrators to build meaningful and influential communities and highlight those who make a difference around the world. ”

Events at the Community Summit to date have triggered a variety of group functions, including moderation tools, group ad options, new group types, and more.

Facebook is always working on new group features, with newer tests focused on sharing posts across multiple groups and community rewards to encourage positive contributions.

They could be focused on the November event, while Facebook could also announce even more group options to help manage effectively, and continue to use one of the platform’s key engagement options.

In addition, Facebook is also launching a new ‘Community Awards’ program, which will further highlight the work that moderators are doing to build and maintain their communities.

Facebook Community Awards

“At the first Facebook joint award, 22 nominees in seven categories, who do meaningful work by inspiring others, leaving an impact and bringing people together in a variety of interests and topics.”

The seven winners will each receive $ 50,000, as well as Facebook support for the further growth of their communities.

“To help select the winners, we want to give people a chance to hear their stories and vote for their favorites. Vote for the one you find most inspiring here. Voting is available on mobile devices and is open from October 7 to 22. Limited to one vote per category per person. The award winners will be announced at the Facebook Community Summit. ”

As noted, groups with 1.8 billion active users are still one of the key elements of Facebook, so as such, Facebook must do everything it can to maintain group activity and keep people coming back more often.

In fact, groups have become even more important lately, with people moving away from public sharing, and the reaction that might come with it, and toward more private discussion among more sympathetic like-minded communities.

The situation with COVID has made group activities even more resonant, and this also leads to concerns about filter bubbles, and even radicalization for some, for many others, Facebook groups are a key social connector on many critical aspects.

You can learn more about the Facebook Community Summit and RSVP at the event here, while you will also be able to get involved in all the events at the Summit at Facebook application Facebook page.

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