Facebook is adding new features to the Creator Studio, including featured stories and a timeline for postings

Facebook has added some new elements to Creator Studio to mark the new year, including a Option to view video upload stories, and a new way to view how your published content looks in the stream.

The main add-ons are clips with a focus on Video Upload Stories, which takes a 20-second viewing segment from your entire video to publish as a Facebook and / or Instagram story.

As explained in this query, shared Matt Navarra, a new option allows you to ‘share a video clip with your story’, to increase views of your entire video clip.

The process is, so far, quite simple – Creator Studio will automatically highlight a preview segment from your entire video, which you can then scroll, although you can’t actually edit or create, as such, you can only select a segment from your video to use as review.

Once you’ve selected a segment, you’ll be able to post that clip in your Facebook Story, with the CTA ‘See More’ button at the bottom of the Stories panel to get people on your main clip.

A review of stories from the Facebook Creator studio

It could be a handy way to raise more awareness about your uploaded videos, and not overly intrusive as a Story option, with short teaser clips leading to a full viewing experience.

Interestingly, Facebook is trying to encourage the use of this type of story, given that Instagram has repeatedly tried to prevent people from sharing posts on Stories again, including videos, allegedly due to user complaints.

It seems very similar to sharing posts in a feed like Stories, but it may make more sense on Facebook and / or encouraging more people to watch more video has more benefits from engagement, in general, than the potential impact on the Stories user experience.

Another new addition to Creator Studio is the timeline display for your published posts on the in-app page, providing more transparency regarding the appearance of your posts in user feeds.

View published posts by Facebook Creator Studio

This adds another element to your site management options through the app, which remains a key tool for posting on third-party platforms because of its ability to show you how your Facebook and Instagram posts will appear in the stream, providing improved editing and customization options.

As such, Creator Studio remains an important tool for many social media managers, especially video publishers, and it’s good to see that Meta continues to add new options and enhancements to improve the user experience and provide more ways to manage in-page posts.

These add-ons don’t change the game in any way, but they do provide more publishing options, and it might be worth experimenting with new Stories video reviews to see if they help draw more eye to your upload.

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