Facebook announces stable third-quarter results, with more users and stable revenue, despite ATT impacts

The overall momentum of Facebook user growth is slowing, but it continued to add millions of active users once again in the third quarter, while its revenue remained stable, driven by sales of VR units and its Ray Ban smart glasses.

Whether things will stay that way in light of the latest information about Facebook is another question – here’s a look at the latest figures from Facebook’s report for Q3 2021.

First, about users – Facebook added another 22 million daily active activities to increase to 1.93 billion DAU, approaching the milestone of 2 billion users per day.

As you can see here, Facebook has recorded the most significant user growth in the Asia-Pacific region, where its steady progress in India and Indonesia is helping increase its numbers, while also adding a million daily actives in the US and Canada, after remaining stagnant for the previous three quarters.

It’s a small but positive sign, especially given the company’s latest internal insights, which suggest the platform is struggling to add more users, especially in the younger age groups. Of course, the data in the table above are not broken down by year, but any growth is a bonus.

As for monthly users, Facebook now has 2.91 billion on Facebook alone, an increase of 6% over the previous year.

Facebook Q3 2021 - I WANT

However, it would be worrying if Facebook lost users in the ‘Rest of the World’ category, which has long been a key driver of the app’s growth. At the same time, it has gained daily activities, but its overall growth momentum is clearly slowing as it approaches the threshold of 3 billion IU.

What has already technically gone, given its ‘family of apps’ – i.e. combined users of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp – which is now at 3.58 billion a month and 2.81 billion a day.

Facebook Q3 2021 - Family active users

This means that there are close to a billion people who use Instagram, Messenger and / or WhatsApp who do not use Facebook either. Which doesn’t provide a clear picture of how many users each app has, although most in this segment would, you guessed it, be users of WhatsApp, which currently serves 2 billion monthly active users.

Despite numerous controversies and concerns, Facebook continues to grow, and when you take into account that the world’s population currently has 7.9 billion, and that Facebook applications are banned in China, which has 1.4 billion citizens, the company’s reach is truly amazing . This is why Facebook is so influential and why investigators are right when they have delved deeper into how it can be used to facilitate the spread of harmful movements and what can be done to address it.

On the revenue side, Facebook brought in $ 29 billion for the quarter, almost exactly the same as the previous period.

Facebook Q3 2021 - Arrival

Like all social platforms, the growth of Facebook advertising was influenced by Apple’s ATT update, which reduced the amount of data Facebook has to track and target ads. How significant that impact will be, Facebook is still working on an assessment, but is implementing new fixes and workarounds to provide more measurement solutions for advertising partners.

Most of Facebook’s revenue, of course, still comes from users in North America, which also indicates an increase in opportunities in other regions.

Facebook Q3 2021 - ARPU

As you can see here, Facebook’s earnings in the U.S. are far ahead of other markets, which is good for its steady growth potential as it works to develop its systems and strengthen takeovers in these regions.

It is also worth noting Facebook’s growth in its ‘Other Revenue’ table.

Facebook Q3 2021 - Other income

Facebook’s ‘Other Revenue’ streams include VR and its new Ray Ban smart glasses, and figures show that the use of these new hardware offerings is on the rise.

About which we will get more information, specifically, in the future, and Facebook is also announcing plans to list its Facebook Reality Labs earnings as a special element of its future reports.

“As we have already discussed, we are devoting significant resources to our augmented and virtual reality products and services, which are an important part of our work to develop the next generation of social experiences. The new segment announcement will provide additional information on the performance of FRL and the investments we make. ”

This will provide more context on how new technology bets are progressing on Facebook, and as it moves to become a ‘metaverse company’, these insights will provide some key guide posts on how the company is evolving and what kind of growth it is recording. in these areas.

It is a fairly stable report from the Social Network, with some positive signs, but also a certain stagnation in certain areas that could cause concern. Facebook is also facing a bunch of bad press and likely investigations, as a result of the recent release of internal research documents, which could have a big impact on its future plans. But right now, Facebook is still working towards the future, with new connectivity projects, advanced AR and VR tools, and plans to facilitate the next phase of digital connectivity.

Whether this is a good thing or not will probably come down to how you view reports on Facebook files, and it is possible, of course, that continued negative coverage will eventually slow down the registration of new users.

But right now, based on these numbers, it is common for Zuckerberg’s social great, who continues to grow and expand his influence.

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