Face ID stops working if you replace the iPhone 13 display with a third-party repair [Video]

Yesterday we took a closer look at how the new iPhone 13 Pro Max withstands Pad tests. Now, another YouTuber claims that you probably won’t be able to replace the screen of your iPhone 13 with third-party repair centers without losing access to Face ID.

Phone repair guru shows in a new video that, although it is easier to replace some screen components, once a user has to get a new screen, they will probably have to go to Apple or an authorized center to repair the iPhone.

It shows that when you replace the iPhone 13 microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor everything works as expected. But when you replace the screen of your iPhone 13 with a new one, it will say that the screen is not genuine and you will lose support for Face ID.

An important message on the screen

It is not possible to check if this iPhone has an original Apple screen.

Phone repair guru explains that there are some workarounds such as transferring some chips to a new screen, but most services will not do this because it is “too sophisticated”.

Apple is already facing a lot of controversy over the right to repair, and this will only make it harder for new iPhone 13 owners to repair their iPhones other than with Apple.

Last month, WSJ Joanna Stern showed how difficult it was to repair two water-damaged MacBooks. Although Apple recommended she buy a new Mac, as repairing them would be too expensive, one independent service workshop was able to repair one of its Macs at a reasonable price.

We will now have to wait and see if Apple updates the iPhone 13 to make it easier for independent repair centers to replace the iPhone screen, or this time users will have to be even more careful with their new devices.

Check Phone repair guru full video below:

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