Extend the life of your AirPods with this cleaning pen, on sale for less than $ 25

Get 40% off this useful cleaning pen for AirPods.
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How often do you clean your AirPods? If your answer is simply, “I don’t,” then rather than start worrying about all the dirt that has accumulated in your buds over time, you can set your sights on this AirPod Cleaning Pen. It’s on sale for just $ 14.99 – a 40% discount off the regular price of $ 24.

This smart gadget is the secret to keeping your AirPods in prime condition and keeping the utmost cleanliness. Considering that the AirPods Pro cost around $ 250, it’s worth looking after them, and not grossing yourself out with them, either.

The AirPod Cleaning Pen works with its 3-in-1 combination design, specifically crafted to maintain every part of your AirPods and their charging case. First, the ultra fine metal tip is ideally suited to cleaning the smallest parts and tiny holes of your AirPods. Then, at the other end of the pen is an ultra light, soft tipped sponge that can clean dirt and stains from the AirPods gently, while avoiding any damage to the tech.

Finally, in the middle of the cleaning pen lies a fine bristle brush specifically designed to clean the sound-hole of your AirPods (an area which most users can attest will get particularly gunky when left uncleaned).

Not only is this incredibly useful tool a game changer for extending the life of your AirPods, but keen gadget aficionados will love that its tiny hole-friendly and soft tools will also clean your other prized tech – keeping everything in pristine condition, and protected from damage at the same time. For tech lovers, this little accessory is about to become your new best friend.

Extend the life of your AirPods and keep them in perfect condition with the AirPod Cleaning Pen, on sale with 40% off, for $ 14.99 now (regular price $ 24).

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