Experts say Apple is missing out on the boom of cloud games

According to market experts, Apple is missing out on another big source of revenue by ignoring cloud gaming services.

While rivals such as Amazon, Nvidia and Microsoft are reaping the benefits of the gaming industry boom, which is only expected to grow, Apple is leaving money on the table. But there is an easy way you can enjoy a piece of pie.

Apple should not neglect cloud games

The latest data from GlobalDat shows that playing in the cloud is on its way to becoming a $ 3 billion industry in 2022. That’s an incredible 59% more than last year, and is only expected to grow even more in the foreseeable future.

Like Amazon, Nvidia and Google all enjoy their share of revenue while Apple “loses,” wrote Rachel Foster Jones, a GlobalData analyst, in a note he looked at Barron’s.

Apple has an Apple Arcade subscription service and it seems relatively successful, but it’s different. And there’s a way Apple could enjoy cloud gaming without its own cloud gaming service.

How Apple could make money from playing in the cloud

Apple Arcade gives users access to hundreds of games for an affordable monthly fee. And while many of these games are great, these are mostly mobile-only titles that need to be installed before you can play them.

Cloud gaming services allow you to enjoy fully developed consoles and PC titles on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, low-power laptops, and even TVs. The players seem to love him.

The problem is that Apple will not allow cloud gaming services in the App Store. Nvidia, Microsoft, Google and others have been forced to develop web applications that allow cloud players to enjoy titles within Safari instead.

But by changing its strict App Store rules to allow cloud gaming services – and giving players a chance to subscribe through the App Store – Apple could make millions (more) than its rivals with very little effort.

The longer you wait, the harder it gets

GlobalData warns that cloud gaming operators will continue to deliver web-based streaming services, apparently, which will only make it harder for Apple to compete in the future.

Apple will “lose control of its customers,” Jones warned, and it could be difficult for him to compete later. “Apple will therefore struggle to gain a foothold in the cloud gaming space.”

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