Expand your laptop screen, browse safely, and learn something new with this stacked package

This package will forever change the way you use your Mac.
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With this great package, you can expand your laptop screen, protect your data, and learn something new. Get a Mobile Pixels Duex Lite + lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited and StackSkills on sale for $ 337.01 and see how much more you can do with your Mac.

3 in 1 package

This package comes with three amazing deals packed into one: a second screen for your laptop, a lifetime VPN, and lifelong learning.

Duex Lite for mobile pixels

You get Mobile Pixels Duex Lite first. Mobile pixels are what you get when you like working on a laptop, but you don’t like to limit yourself to one screen. This 12.5-inch HD screen attaches directly to your laptop, giving you another screen to use.

Video transmission is instantaneous. The screen is extremely thin, so you can carry it everywhere with you with a laptop. Duex Lite is 30% lighter and 40% thinner than the previous model. When you’re done using it, Mobile Pixels comes with a sliding cover that protects or supports your monitor. (If you’re looking for more ways to expand your Mac, check out this great app that can restore lost files.)

VPN Unlimited

If you use the Internet and want to keep your data private and access unlimited, you need a VPN – especially an Unlimited VPN. With this package you will get a lifetime of safe browsing. And you will not suffer some restrictions brought by an unsecured network.

VPN Unlimited will give you access to servers for various streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, so you can enjoy shows and movies that are not otherwise available in your region. You’ll also enjoy secure browsing, fully protected behind 256-bit AES encryption.

StackSkills Unlimited online courses

StackSkills unlimited online courses: a lifelong approach gives you the opportunity to learn a wealth of new skills and information. Learn from more than 350 of the best instructors on the Internet, covering more than 1,000 different courses – with a supplement each month. Track your progress, get certified in new skills, and progress as a student and professional in a variety of areas such as IT, graphic design, and marketing.

Save on this great package

Get a Duex Lite + lifetime mobile pixel subscription for VPN Unlimited and StackSkills Bundle for $ 337.01 (value over $ 2,000) now!

Prices are subject to change.

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