Everything new in the iOS 15 Apple Podcasts app

The Podcasts app gets a number of improvements to Apple’s recently released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates, including a new, system-shared Sharing with you feature, personalized recommendations, new keyboard shortcuts, and more.

This guide takes you through all the major new features and enhancements added in the OSiOS 15‌‌ and ‌iPadOS 15‌ Apple Podcasts apps, making a modest update for both casual and enthusiastic podcast listeners after a major change in iOS 14.5 and further improvements in iOS 14.6.

Shared with you

Shared with You is a new feature that is present in many Apple applications, including Apple Music, Apple News and Apple Podcasts. Shared with you highlights content sent to you by friends and family directly in the app to which it relates.

In pApple Podcasts‌, episodes, shows, and channels sent to Messages automatically appear in a new, dedicated Shared with you section in the Listen Now view. When listeners switch to a shared episode, show, or channel, a new button at the top indicates who shared it with them. They can tap that button on the appropriate page or section in Listen Now to go back to the moment it was split in Messages to send a callback or reply, or simply see the context when it was sent.

ios 15 app features for podcasts

Personalized recommendations in Listen Now

Listeners can now discover new podcasts with customized recommendations. There are new sections in Listen Now called “You May Like It” and “If You Like It …” that recommend new shows based on what listeners of the shows you already follow, shows from the same category, and shows from the same channel.

There are also new sections with personalized recommendations based on topics that users listen to. For example, listeners who enjoy shows in a particular category will see new sections with show suggestions in similar categories. These recommendations are based on more than 100 categories and subcategories that are available to podcast creators in “Apple Podcasts” Connect or through third-party hosting providers.

1.25x playback speed

The “Apple Podcasts” application now has an option for 1.25x playback speed. Previously, there were only 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x and 2x playback speeds. 1.25x is the perfect option for users who want to browse their podcasts faster, but 1.5x is too fast for them.

To use the new 1.25x playback speed, simply tap the purple 1x speed button to the left of the AirPlay icon to scroll through the playback speed options.

iPadOS 15 Keyboard shortcuts

The PodApple Podcasts‌ app for iPad contains a host of new keyboard shortcuts. Previously, the only shortcut in the app was Command + R to refresh feeds, but now there are a total of 17 keyboard shortcuts.

Some of the new shortcuts include a space bar to pause, Command + right arrow to skip to the next episode, Shift + Command + right arrow to skip 30 seconds forward, and option + 4 to set double-speed playback. To see all available keyboard shortcuts, as in any PiPad® application, simply hold down the Command key.

ipados 15 shortcuts on podcast apps

Keyboard shortcuts worked during the beta period, but some users reported not appearing in the iPadOS 15 release. However, they are working in the initial beta version of iPadOS 15.1, so it seems that at the moment there may be a bug that affects their availability.

Guide feedback

Do you have questions about the new features of Podcasts in ‌iOS 15‌ and ‌iPadOS 15‌, do you know any feature we left out or want to offer feedback on this guide? Send us an email here.

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