Eve Online Mac support is finally arriving, for Intel and M1 Macs

Eve Online Mac support has finally arrived, thanks to a new native client for macOS. You used to be able to run the game under Wine, although this has become problematic with Big Sur, but now you will be able to discard emulators …

Engadget reports that the Mac application originally promised for “start 2021” is now available.

After years of waiting and almost a year of teasing, EVE Online can play “right” on a Mac. CCP Games has released its first truly original EVE client for Macs with Intel and Apple silicone — it no longer uses a compatibility layer to play spaceship-focused MMOs. This should improve performance and reduce memory requirements, as you might expect, but it also allows Mac-native keyboard and mouse commands that you’ve had to discard so far.

The game remains free to play, although CCP obviously hopes you’ll be busy enough to spend real money. Mac users will share the same gaming universe as their Windows counterparts.

This will not boost the gaming computer market. There are only so many people who both prefer Macs and are determined to play EVE Online. This could significantly expand the number of Macs that can play EVE at all, and could make the game an easy choice if you’re looking for network titles tailored to Macs, other than obvious choices like World of Warcraft.

The installer only lists Intel Mac requirements, but Engadget says it also works on M1 Macs.

Here’s how Wiki describes the game:

Eve Online (stylized EVE Online) is a space, persistent worldwide massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by CCP Games.

Eve Online players can participate in a number of occupations and activities in the game, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trade, exploration and combat (both player and environment and player vs. player). The game contains a total of 7,800 stars that players can visit.

The game is known for its scale and complexity in terms of player interactions – in their unique, shared game world, players engage in improper economic competition, warfare, and political schemes with other players.

You can download the Mac client here. World of Warcraft was updated for use on M1 Macs late last year.

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