Epic’s battle with Apple is partly motivated by metaverse goals

Epic’s battle with Apple, in which both sides took the win, is at least partly motivated by the ambitions of the developers in the metaverse, a new report suggests today. The term was coined by Facebook, which even renamed the company to reflect its goals in this area.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said there is a race to be the first metaverse company to get a billion users…

Bloomberg reported Sweeney’s comments.

For Sweeney, the legal and rhetorical battle with mobile giants Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. Google around their locked app and payment stores is at least partly motivated by its metaversion aspirations and ensuring that there is a fair playing field for companies competing to create it […]

“Over the next decades, the metaverse has the potential to become part of the world economy worth trillions of dollars,” the CEO said at a conference in Seoul on Tuesday. “The next three years will be critical for all companies striving for metaverses like Epic, Roblox, Microsoft, Facebook,” he said in an interview afterwards. “It’s a kind of race to reach a billion users, whoever brings in a billion users first would be the presumed leader in setting standards.”

Fortnite currently has 60 million active users per month, but the report states that Epic is one of the few companies that have something to start with in this area.

The founder of Epic has reason to be a bull, because Fortnite of his company quickly evolved from a popular multiplayer game into an online space where people hang out and famous musicians hold virtual concerts. It competes with world-building games such as Microsoft’s Minecraft and Roblox Corp. in tracking a metaverse vision of a virtual environment that would be the platform we use to interact with the Internet and others, replacing web browsers and mobile applications.

Both Epic and Nvidia also hope to sell 3D graphics tools to metaverse creators, and Sweeney will introduce Unreal Engine.

Sweeney said yesterday that “Apple needs to be stopped” and that Google is “crazy” about their access to their app stores. Although the court ruled that Apple must allow Epic to use its own payment platform, the Cupertino-based company refused to allow the company back into the App Store until the appeal was heard.

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