Epic Games is not satisfied with the decision in the case against Apple, the appeal against the files

Epic Games has appealed the verdict in its case against Apple, further extending the already year-long legal battle between the two companies.

The verdict, announced on Friday, sided with Apple on nine of the ten points that “Epic Games” brought against the company. Epic has argued from the start that Apple is against the competition and should open its devices to third-party app stores, third-party app payment methods and more. The judge said that although the trial showed that Apple was “engaged in anti-competitive behavior under California competition laws”, “Epics Games” failed to prove that the company is an illegal monopolist or violates anti-trust laws.

The judge mostly ordered Apple not to ban developers from adding links to external shopping websites within the app. A week before the verdict was announced, Apple revealed similar changes to the App Store policy, but limited to “reader” applications such as Spotify, Netflix and others. The judge’s ruling requires Apple to extend that privilege to all apps from the “App Store.”

The “Epic Games” complaint, filed late Sunday, does not provide details on what the game developer wants to complain about. Given the outcome of the verdict, however, it will likely be an attempt to convince the judge that Apple should allow third-party app stores and “side-loading” on its devices, that Apple is a monopolist and that terminating the developer’s account was illegal and that Fortnite should be reinstated. on the “App Store”.

Although Epic Games filed an appeal, signaling its dissatisfaction with the verdict, Apple called it a “huge victory.” Apple has not said it plans to appeal the ruling, and according to the current court order, the company has 90 days before allowing all apps to connect to external in-app shopping websites.

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