Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says Apple ‘must be stopped’

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says Apple “must be stopped” because it ignores laws passed by South Korea regarding in-app purchases and payments in the country.

As Bloomberg reports:

CEO of Epic Games Inc. Tim Sweeney renewed the attack on Apple Inc. and Google Alphabet Inc. as the world’s dominant duopoly of mobile devices before calling for a universal app store that runs on all operating systems as a solution.

Sweeney said, “What the world really needs is one store that works with all platforms …” Currently, ownership of the software is shared between the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play market, various stores on the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and then Microsoft Store and Mac App Store. ”Sweeney Epic has worked with developers and other service providers to create a system that allows them to purchase software in one place knowing it will work on all of their devices on platforms.

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He continued:

“Apple locks a billion users into one store and a payment processor. Now Apple adheres to oppressive foreign laws, which control users and deprive them of political rights. But Apple ignores laws passed by Korean democracy. Apple must stop.”

South Korea has passed laws forcing platforms like Apple and Google to allow alternative payment systems within apps on devices like the iPhone, however, Apple has told Korea it already adheres to this, and officials said the response is not in line with the purpose of the law. .

The CEO of Epic Games had previously warned of Apple’s compliance with state oversight, comments that sparked criticism because Epic Games is partly owned by Tencent.

Google also filmed Sweeney saying that charging fees for non-processing payments is “crazy,” a sign of Google’s recent changes in allowing alternative payments within the country’s apps. Sweeney rounded off his statements by saying, “I am very proud to oppose these monopolies with you. I am proud to stand by you and say I am Korean.”

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