End the day at 100% with this huge USB-C power bank, 53% off

Charge 5 devices at once (including a laptop) with this power bank.

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Flash 2.0 is a portable power bank that you can use to recharge your laptop, phone, or tablet on the go, using its rechargeable graphene battery. For a limited time, you can find a Flash 2.0 USB-C Graphene 210W Power Bank on sale for $ 139.99 (Reg. $ 299), and it even comes in 3 colors.

Flash 2.0 is a powerful and fast charger that has a battery large enough to fully recharge a MacBook Pro 16 ”twice and still leave plenty of room to recharge your phone. Flash 2.0 comes with a graphene battery with a 20,000 mAh capacity. Make use of that huge battery by charging up to 5 devices at once, amounting to a total of 210W of output. The Flash 2.0 has two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a wireless charging pad. Charge your phone, tablet, laptop, wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch at the same time. Charge your tablet, and the Bluetooth keyboard you use with it at the same time. The wireless charging pad works for any Qi-enabled device. Power all these devices, and once you’ve depleted your Power Bank, you can recharge it fully in 35 minutes.

For all that it can do, this power bank is only a little bigger than a smartphone. At 5.9-inches long and 3.2 wide, you can fit the Flash 2.0 in a pocket, backpack, or tuck it away in your car to be ready when you need it. At only 17oz, you’ll barely notice it in a backpack. That, plus the ability to fully recharge 5 devices at once makes the Flash 2.0 one of the best power banks on the market. AppleInsider called itthe battery pack to have”And for good reason.

Stay connected whether you’re at home or 500 miles from the nearest outlet. Get the Flash 2.0 USB-C Graphene 210W Power Bank on sale for $ 139.99 (Reg. $ 299) in Black / Blue, Black / Goldor Space Gray.

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