Elevation Dock 5 runs on USB-C charge, more

Today, ElevationLab came out with a refreshed version of one of its more popular charging accessories. Bringing USB-C and some other enhancements to its Elevation Dock 5, the new charging cradle comes with the same focus on keeping the iPhone upright at a table or nightstand with an adjustable design and one-handed use.

ElevationLab launches new Elevation Dock 5

Repeating the previous generation model we reviewed, the new Elevation Dock 5 comes with an adjustable design aimed at being the ultimate table charger or nightstand. There’s still a lot of emphasis on the iPhone thanks to its Lightning cable connector, as well as the unique form factor from last time.

The main construction consists of molded silicone that uses some unique CNC-machined stainless steel buttons and weighted inserts to support your iPhone. These buttons allow you to adjust the angle of your smartphone, and at the same time allow it to work with different cases. At the bottom, ElevationLab used its NanoPad to make sure everything stays in place when you go to remove the iPhone from the docking station. More importantly, you will only be able to do it with one hand, unlike other docks on the market.

While not much has changed from the previous iteration, there seem to be some adjustments that indicate a refreshed name. The biggest of these adjustments is the switch to USB-C, because the predecessor of the Elevation Dock 5 had a standard USB-A connection for plugging into the wall. Since a lot has changed in the world of charging since 2017, ElevationLab is opting for a more modern approach to its latest, which is always appreciated, especially with all GaN chargers that have become commonplace in 2021.

Prices have also been refreshed this time, and in a way you will surely appreciate. The new Elevation Dock 5 enters $ 39.95 price, and is now available for purchase directly from the ElevationLab site. The previous model came in with a price of $ 60, for comparison.

9to5Toys’ Take:

Given our pretty solid first impressions from the last iteration of the release, it can be said with certainty that the Elevation Dock 5 will be another hit. Refreshing to take advantage of the higher charging speeds provided by USB-C wall adapters and the like will surely be a great attraction for many who want an elegant upgrade to their desk or nightstand.

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