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It seems that Microsoft can’t help but undermine itself. After launching the new Edge browser last year with universal praise, Microsoft did everything possible to destroy it, including the imposition of undesirable characteristics and intrusive restrictions.

The latest bug integrates a short-term funding app directly into Edge, a move that has angered users, he reported. Ars Technica. A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced this it would embed the Zip (formerly Quadpay) app directly into its browser. The financing application allows customers to buy the product in advance, but in the future pay in smaller “often interest-free” installments.

Zip is unique in that it does not use interest rates, but instead charges $ 1 for each installment (loans are usually paid in four installments over six weeks, so $ 4 extra) as long as payments are made on time.

The service itself is not what makes Edge users look in the direction of Chrome, but it is Microsoft’s third-party service framework that is constantly bombarding people with “look at what we’ve added, now use” notifications.

Reading the Microsoft support forums it became obvious that people just want a browser that is fast and that doesn’t bother them.

“All of this seems utterly unnecessary for a browsing experience. I don’t want that, “wrote user Jason Tenpenny. “I don’t even want the shopping and discovery features you dropped. Things like this need to be broken down into extensions. I am much more interested in a fast browser that uses minimal resources while being safe. The Edge on the Mac is getting heavier and heavier. ”

“This is just slimy, Edge is on the verge of feeling dirty to use,” another user wrote. “Edge isn’t just any random browser, it’s (increasingly difficult to change) the default setting of the world’s most important desktop OS.”

These complaints come after Microsoft was convicted of pushing Edge to users who updated their computers to Windows 11. Edge appears in the entire browser after initial startup and will surely ask you to “set as default browser” if you even dream of switch to Chrome, Firefox, or many other available browser options.

The bigger problem is how painstakingly difficult it is Microsoft has managed to change search enginesTo make matters worse, the software giant has blocked third-party applications such as EdgeDeflector in providing solutions so you can use alternatives in the search bar and the new taskbar widget.

Now Microsoft is pushing a financing service that not only intrudes on your search experience, but could also open the door to cyber security threats. Microsoft has not clarified how much browsing data, if any, becomes visible to Zip or how it plans to protect the application. We contacted the company to get some answers.

For what it’s worth, Microsoft says it “does not charge a fee to connect users to credit providers,” although it did not specify whether it receives any part of the transactions. Wondering why Microsoft would add this service at all. If he did this because he thought Zip would be a truly viable option for users, then he should have no problem removing the funding application after reading an increasing number of complaints.

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