Easy thermal mode makes the M1 MacBook Air as fast as the MacBook Pro

Some M1 MacBook Air models have exactly the same chipset as the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, but do not offer the same level of performance. Why? Because the MacBook Pro has a cooling fan, and the MacBook Air doesn’t.

But with fast and easy thermal mode, you can give the more affordable MacBook Air a pretty significant increase in speed that makes it almost as fast as its brother. Watch the video below that explains everything.

Accelerate your M1 MacBook Air with a simple thermal mode

There are some differences between the M1 chips within the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. While the latter comes with an 8-core GPU as standard, the MacBook Air has a 7-core GPU, with an 8-core option that pays for upgrades.

However, no matter what chipset you have, you can greatly increase its performance by improving the management of the thermal system. And to do that, all you need is a P5 screwdriver and a few incredibly affordable thermal pads.

As YouTuber High on Tech demonstrates in the video below, the thermal pads are mounted on the heatsink located on top of the M1 chipset inside the MacBook Air. This closes the gap between the radiator and the bottom cover of the machine.

By doing this, the bottom cover of the MacBook Air essentially becomes one big cooler. It draws heat from the machine, instead of allowing it to circulate inside it, forcing the chip to thermally shut down and slow down.

Big increase in performance

The mode is incredibly simple. Other than removing the bottom cover of the MacBook Air and installing thermal pads, there’s no need to mess with any other component. So you don’t have to worry about breaking anything.

And performance improvements are surprisingly significant. In the Cinebench tests conducted by High on Tech, the modified MacBook Air scored 7,718. That’s just under 7,764 M1 MacBook Pro results, and much more than the 6,412 M1 MacBook Air scores without this mode.

There is a handle

Before you try this mode yourself, keep in mind that there are several drawbacks. Because the bottom cover of your MacBook Air turns into a huge cooler, it makes the base noticeably warmer to the touch, so it’s probably not ideal if you use the device regularly in your lap.

Moreover, although the thermal pads are easy to remove later if Apple needs to see your MacBook Air, performing this mode can still void your device’s warranty.

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