Dune: Rebecca Ferguson, Lady Jessica

Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, looks at Oscar Isaac off screen with Timothée Chalamet in the background.

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Although Denis Villeneuve Dune is about Timothée Chalamet Paul Atreides‘a gradual rise to prominence in the galaxy, none of which would have been possible without his mother, Lady Jessica. Starring Rebecca Ferguson, Jessica is the mistress of Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac) and more importantly, a member of the witch order known as Well done, and subtly orchestrated the events so that Atreides’ journey to the planet Arrakis could be the starting point for the entire galactic revolution.

Jessica has a lot to do, and Fergusson recently spoke in a couple of interviews (one of which has some spoilers!) About how she and Villeneuve brought this version of the character to life. As a newcomer to the franchise, she wasn’t quite sure if she would take on the role when he initially offered it to her. “You want me to be royal and calm?” She recalled Diversity, adding that this is a role she has done many times before. “I’d literally be a teapot for you, but I don’t think that’s a role for me, man.” It was only after he sold Jessica as “the strongest woman in the world and her fear of creating chaos and having to bring her son to her death” that she won.

The cult classic of David Lynch from 1984 towers over this new one dina, where Lady Jessica was played by Francesca Anis. Although this obviously affected Ferguson’s character, she soon made her own special version of Jessica. I’m talking to Indiewire, she discovered that Jessica’s inner rebellion and her love were her greatest strength. “Her faith in herself, her faith and love for Leto are greater than the search she was sent to. It’s an interesting starting point for the character and the journey. “

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As an example of this new Jessica inner strength, Ferguson cited two moments from the film. The first comes before Atreides travels to Arrakis, where her character does the Litany Against Fear, iconic quote which belongs to Paul in the books, but is given here instead to Jessica. “It takes time, but she gets to the point where she simply lets everything go through her and through her. It is her character for me, ”Ferguson said. “She can stand in the background and be the most powerful character in the room.”

The second comes at the end when Paul and Jessica join forces with the Fremen. As her son walks past her, Jessica’s face changes from a slight smile to something a little more foreboding. That moment came from Ferguson herself the day they filmed the scene. “Denis and I played with different things and I remember saying, ‘Just stay on me for two seconds, I want to try something.'” It’s a look that conveys a lot, and Ferguson saw it as a deviation, as parents, as parents. eventually have to do. “She knows when to retire and make room. But what we feel is that it’s not over, and this will pass. “

Dune’s the future as a franchise somehow during, and hopes to get a chance to continue Jessica’s story. “It would be very sad, empty and strange to leave a character where it is,” she said. Now that she knows what’s in store for her character, she tries to make it a reality. She would even do sequels, if she could. “Let’s raise money and make our indie version of it! “If we don’t make anyone else be for it, let’s film it. I have a big garden, boys! ”

Dune is now in theaters and on HBO Max.

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