Due to the issuance of the Apple card, the bill is paid, and some users have other problems [u]

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Apple reported systemic issues Friday that prevent some Apple card users from paying their bills or accessing their credit card account management features.

The problems started around 11:30 a.m. Pacific, and some users had various issues affecting the background of Apple Card account management, according to Apple’s system status website.

Those affected are unable to pay the bill, lock or unlock physical cards, request new or replacement cards, or request a new card number. Prospective users also cannot sign up for an Apple Card, Apple says.

As might be expected, the most pressing issue appears to be card balance repayments, with a number of existing cardholders reporting that attempts to do so have encountered error messages.

One customer who reached out with official Apple support, the Twitter account saw the message ‘Account Services Unavailable’ when trying to transfer funds to the Apple Card via Apple Pay.

They have cardholders trying to repay the Apple card balance through Apple Cash serious issues who find payment balances withdrawn from Apple Cash but do not apply to the Apple Card. Apple’s support directs vulnerable customers to the Apple Pay team.

Apple has not explained the problem and does not offer a time frame to resolve it. This report will be updated as more information becomes known.

Apple’s online services regularly face outages and sporadic downtime, although problems are usually resolved within a few hours. Recently, a number of users could not access iCloud mail at the beginning of September, which returned to a short period yesterday.

Update: The problem was resolved at 4:09 p.m.

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