DuckDuckGo is building its own web browser that protects privacy for the Mac

DuckDuckGo, a browser that prides itself on protecting your privacy, is building its own web browser for the Mac. It promises to be simple and fast, with robust privacy features enabled by default.

The browser will have DuckDuckGo’s popular “Fire Button”, which quickly deletes all your private data with just one click. It will also be designed to use native search engine technologies, rather than relying on third-party engines.

DuckDuckGo is planning a brand new search engine

DuckDuckGo already offers a Privacy Essentials add-on for the Mac, which brings a number of its best features to Safari. You can use it to encrypt your connection, block searchers, and view privacy ratings for each of the sites you visit.

On the iPhone and iPad, however, DuckDuckGo is available as a standalone web browser with all of these features – and more – integrated and enabled by default. There will be a desktop version made for Mac soon.

“DuckDuckGo for desktop will redefine users’ expectations of everyday online privacy,” the company revealed in a new blog post. “No complicated settings, no deceptive warnings, no ‘levels’ of privacy protection.”

Instead, the DuckDuckGo browser will automatically protect almost everything you do on the web in search, email, browsing and more.

Build from the ground up

And DuckDuckGo doesn’t use any shortcuts. Instead of building on an existing search engine platform, such as Chromium, it starts from scratch. His browser will be completely original on the Mac, using Apple’s own rendering technology.

This allows DuckDuckGo to “remove a lot of unnecessary clutter and clutter that has accumulated over the years in major browsers.” It will be as modern and efficient as it can be on a Mac – much like Safari itself.

“Compared to Chrome, the DuckDuckGo desktop app is cleaner, much more private, and early tests found it much faster!”

The browser will also have a Fire Button that is popular with DuckDuckGo on the mobile device. There is still no word on when it will have its public debut, but we expect to hear more next year.

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