Dropbox users are outraged by Apple’s lack of silicone support

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Dropbox still doesn’t support Apple silicone on devices like the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 and MacBook Air with M1, or Apple’s new best MacBook MacBook Pro (2021), and the company says the issue still needs more votes before than it can go ahead, leaving customers furious.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple’s silicone support for Dropbox did not appear nearly a year after Apple introduced Apple silicone and its first series of M1 Macs. A very popular topic started in June rises in the ranks of the Dropbox forum and says:

Can you upgrade the Dropbox app to run natively on Apple Silicon Macs (M1) without the Rosetta.

Rosetta is not an option because it destroys the battery.

This may be a duplicate of the idea below, however that started for ARM processors in general and you haven’t looked at it in 6 years, so you’re starting an Apple-specific idea in hopes of seeing it.

Despite having over 400 votes and a bunch of angry comments, Dropbox still cites the status of the problem as ‘it needs more votes’, a fact that has recently quite confused customers.

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Updated comments noted:

I still don’t have my M1 Mac, but I was amazed when I found out it was a thing at all! Make the app an original M1 app or I may be forced to look for alternatives. It’s that simple. 2021. This should be a recompile at this point. If not, then it calls into question more of your technology. And that would be more astonishing (and disappointing)

Another said: “We seriously need to vote for domestic support? How is that not a development priority?”

Some customers who obviously don’t want to wait say they’ve already switched from Dropbox to other cloud storage solutions. As stated on the original poster, Rosetta works with Dropbox, but it really consumes battery and resources, which means that it is not a feasible option for users at the moment.

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