Dropbox gets video messaging, screen capture and a market for the post-pandemic era

Most companies switched to teleworking after the pandemic broke out. The change was rapid, and the workforce quickly adapted to the use of collaborative tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox. Now Dropbox has announced three new features aimed at helping distributed teams. Includes a screen capture feature for Mac and Windows Dropbox apps.

Dropbox Capture

Screen capture is not a novelty in itself. Mac users were able to capture screens using QuickTime. Well, Dropbox claims that its screen capture tool is powerful and free to use. Dropbox Capture is a tool designed to eliminate endless meetings and improve user communication. For example, Dropbox users can switch from long emails and documents to short video messages. Furthermore, you can record and share team member status updates in different time zones.

Dropbox Capture will allow you to plan and bridge the gap between time zones. The recording function is available in beta for personal and business plans.

Dropbox Replay

Dropbox relies on video as the preferred mode of communication. The company claims that billions of video files are added to Dropbox every year. Furthermore, the number of video files increased by a staggering 50% between 2019 and 2020. In other words, Dropbox users seem to prefer video to communicate and share their ideas.

Dropbox Replay is a video tool that lets you share videos with teammates, add comments, and frame-specific animations. All video feedback is saved in one place in case you want to visit again.

Dropbox Shop

Dropbox has emerged as a desirable tool for collaborating creators. Dropbox Shop is a platform for market creators and monetizes their content. You can create product entries, set up custom images, and share entries directly with customers. Content will be automatically delivered upon successful payment. All of the above features are in beta.

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