Don’t expect the MacBook Air mini-LED before fall 2022

The MacBook Air 2020 is expected to be replaced by a significant upgrade. But it will take some time.
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The MacBook Air with its 13.3-inch mini-LED screen is reportedly a little further away than previously thought. The analyst predicts that it will start production in the fall of 2022, and not in the summer.

But it will be the new macOS laptops long before that. Apple is expected to launch a pair of redesigned MacBook Pro models with mini LEDs and an updated M-Series processor probably as early as October 2021.

Expect a MacBook Air 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities said earlier that the MacBook Air with the Mini-LED screen will arrive in the middle of 2022. But a message to clients was sent on Monday and seen Cult Maca says, “We anticipate that the MacBook Air equipped with the new Apple Silicon will go into mass production in late 2Q22 or early 3Q22.”

If that’s true, it means the laptop won’t be on the market until next fall.

A significant leap

The MacBook Air was last updated in late 2020, and the main change is Apple’s M1 processor instead of Intel’s chip. The 2022 revision will reportedly be more significant.

According to Kuo, it will have a mini-LED screen, not a traditional LCD. Mini-LED screens offer higher contrast, blacker black, improved brightness and better energy efficiency. They use thousands of tiny LEDs for backlighting that can be illuminated in very specific areas.

The screen will not break new foundations. The Spring iPad Pro 2021 has a mini-LED, and will reportedly have both 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro models reportedly coming before the end of 2021.

The 2022 MacBook Air is expected to have an upgraded M-Series processor. Possibly the same will be for MacBooks in 2021.

Most of this information comes from Kuo, who is one of the most accurate (though not infallible) Apple analysts. According to AppleTrack, has an accuracy rating of 74.6%.

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