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Thirteenth Dr. Jodie Whittaker looks worried as she talks to alien Ood with a tentacle face.

Will it be … a good time?
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This time we only had six weeks at TARDIScircle, and finally: Current is nearing its final end. Come talk Doctor WhoPresent and future with us while we wait for her, why not?

The Vanquishers has a a lot to touch before he can bring this a strange, abbreviated adventure until the end. After all, Kate Stewart has a sonar invasion of EArth and the dog guys in the sky to fight. Yaz, Dan and Professor Jericho are still stuck in the early 1900s, even if they now have the help of a Liverpool miner who is great at building tunnels that happen to be connected to different time points. The doctor could have tThe most she had to face, succumbing to sudden discoveries and death, was her adoptive mother who became the head of the Tecteun division, with Roy and Azure now breathing down her neck at the Department’s secret base in the gaps between the multiverses. And just when she was so close to getting a Gallifreyan fob watch filled with her past memories stolen by her mother!

Oh, and then there is an apocalyptic eradication of most time and space itself. And millions of people held hostage inside the body of the host. I whatever it was with TARDIS all season to make it happen so strange inside.

Suffice it to say, it seems that “The Vanquishers” will have to follow the chaotic steps before seen at the premiere not only to touch and conclude all these sequences in a satisfactory way, but to do so in a way that really seems deserved instead of the “Apocalypse of the Witch Apocalypse” spitting out ideas. Is it too much to even start wondering what kind of teasing we will get for the New Year, and besides, what is being prepared for 13. Doctoral final hours?

Come and share your opinion on what you want Doctor Who: Flux‘s finale below — our complete summary of the episode will be live tomorrow.

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