Do you think the iPhone 13 is an irresistible upgrade?

On paper, the iPhone 13 series doesn’t seem to be a significant upgrade over the iPhone 12 line. However, when you take a closer look, you realize that Apple has made significant improvements in its offering.

The iPhone 12 series itself was a significant update over the iPhone 11 series. So this year’s iPhone refresh will always be a bit muted, with an emphasis on Apple. And that’s exactly what the company did.

The iPhone 13 Series improves in all key areas: display, performance, camera and battery life. The screen is brighter, and on Pro iPhones you now get support for 120Hz ProMotion. The cameras received a huge upgrade, with Apple using sensor shift stabilization and larger sensors. Then, there’s the battery life, which has also experienced a big improvement.

Apple has claimed that there are improvements of 1.5 to 2.5 hours compared to older iPhones, and early battery tests of new iPhones confirm this. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted nearly 10 hours on a battery discharge test, making it the longest-running smartphone in the test.

Improving battery life also makes the iPhone 13 mini much more usable as it improves on one of the weakest aspects of its predecessor: battery life. Of course, early reviews indicate that the battery life is good enough to last a day, but that could only be enough for many of its potential customers.

For someone who already owns an iPhone 12, upgrading to an iPhone 13 wouldn’t make much sense. However, owners of the iPhone X / XS and even the iPhone 11 will see significant improvements in everyday use with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series.

If you pre-ordered the iPhone 13 series or managed to get it on launch day, how do you feel about it? Do you think this is an insufficient upgrade? Or do you think Apple has made all the right improvements?

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