Do the hashtags “For You Page” actually work on TikTok?

You’ve probably seen your favorite TikTok creators throw hashtags like #fyp #foryou and #fyp シ. But here’s the thing: just because everyone does something … doesn’t mean it actually works.

These tags, on the surface, are intended to mark content as worthy of the “For You” page. But what is unclear is whether the TikTok algorithm really takes this shift into account. (After all: who among us likes to be told what to do?)

So! We decided to find out, once and for all, if this kind of hashtags really helps you get to the For You page, or if unwanted hashtags are like # follow4follow on Instagram that, at best, do nothing, and at worst, work against your content.

Let the great experiment begin!

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Hypothesis: The hashtags “For You Page” do not necessarily help you get to the For You page

It’s a common sight out there in the Wild West, and it’s TikTok: hashtags asking the algorithm to put a video on the For You page.

I count. After all, the For You page is where the stars are born. Who wouldn’t want their content presented here?

There are many variations on the obvious eye-catching. #FYP, #ForYou, #ForYouPage, and so on. Most creators who like this tactic like to include a few to increase their chances of being involved.


The bad bunnies in Jericho don’t even care that it’s no longer time on the beach. #foryoupage #fyp #fyp シ #fypage #fyp fy ゚ viral #foryou

♬ I Seen Like This – Bad Bunny

But knowing how the TikTok algorithm works, it seems unlikely that these tags would ever really result in an increase.

Yes, hashtags are part of TikTok’s secret recipe for recommendation, but the platform uses hashtags to find you new videos that are “based on the content you’re usually looking for.”

So, of course, maybe if there’s someone out there specifically looking for juicy #fyp videos, TikTok would help them – but it’s more likely that people’s interests are a little more specific than that.


#foryoupage #fyp #fyp シ #fypage #fyp fy ゚ viral #foryou

♬ original sound – Stace

Plus: I’ve made mistakes before and I plan to make mistakes again! (It builds character.) We will not make any assumptions here. We will test these tags in real time.


I decided to post a handful of TikTok videos without any hashtags and leave them for a week to see how they went with the reviews and engagement.

Then, my plan was to download them from my account and republish exactly the same content as fresh videos with as many hashtags related to my page as I could find.

TikTok video with hashtags related to your page

To make the comparison clean, I didn’t add any other hashtags that would potentially distort the audience other than that. I’ve also written subtitles in a few cases, but I would always repeat them for both the tagged and unmarked versions of the video, just in case that would have any impact.

In terms of time, I posted all the unmarked videos in a row, one after the other, and waited six days to count the results. I did the same with the tagged videos next week.

A simple study! Ethical study! And the one where I finally managed to share a slow motion shot of a sumo wrestler I shot in 2017. Isn’t science amazing ?!


TLDR: I haven’t received any reviews of the #fyp hashtags.

Here’s a complete comparison of the performance of my hashtag-free videos with hashtags related to #fyp.

Cake Fail 3 3
Slo-mo Sumo Reported for community violation, RUDE 159
A soothing view of the water 153 148
Guard dogs 3 2
Bad Bunnies 135 147

Just as I assumed, tagging videos with #fyp, #foryoupage, and other similar hashtags didn’t increase my views at all. Of course, there was one case where I got maybe 10 more views on the video with the #fyp hashtag … but there were also cases where I got a few more views without any hashtag. The difference is so negligible, I don’t think we can draw conclusions from either.

comparison of two TikTok videos with and without hashtags

All in all, using #fyp and related hashtags didn’t earn me more views. Tags like this also didn’t lead to likes or follow-ups for me (and I’m honestly a little angry that no one wanted a Duet).

Analytics including playback time, viewing time and video views per session

On the plus side, it didn’t seem necessary to hurt my videos to tag them with #fyp … but I guess if I were worried about squeezing the full potential out of every single character in my limited caption space, I would think twice about using that generic type of hashtag in the future. Every letter I include there consumes valuable digital real estate that I could use for more specific tags like #sumobutts or #cutedogs that could get the attention of a new audience.

What do the results mean?

As usual: there is no real magic bullet to become a TikTok star other than (sip) trying to make great content. (We know, we know: where’s the fun in that?) Just like you can’t buy followers or likes, you can’t cheat the TikTok algorithm with a super powerful hashtag.

Of course, testing the #fyp lifestyle was not a complete waste of time. The results of this great experiment helped to nail down some of the basic principles of a successful hashtagger.

Use hashtags that actually reflect your content

To get to the For You page, it’s best to follow the steps to create great, interesting content that is tagged with hashtags that are actually relevant to your video. This is how TikTok actually understands what you are creating and puts your posts in front of people who will care.

Use hashtags that people may be looking for

The reality is that no one opens TikTok’s discovery page and starts typing “#fyp” to see what he finds. If they really want a random bag of content, they will just go to the site itself for you.

Instead, the search function will be used by people searching for specific words and content. “Psychic witch investors,” for example. Put on your SEO hat and think about how best to help TikTok users find your amazing search terms videos that real people would use.

Getting a lot of views will probably signal the popularity of your video to the TikTok algorithm, which will increase the probability that you will appear on someone’s page for you.

Use a combination of hashtags

Putting all the eggs with hashtags in one basket means that you will fail if your strategy is not good. (Or … crack? This metaphor about the egg is broken from the very beginning.) Inserting as many #fyp-adjacent hashtags into your title will not help if this genre of tag is unsuccessful. Like I said, it won’t to hurt to include the #foryoupage tag, but you’ll probably have better results if you pair it with various other themes.

And as we recommend in our guide to TikTok hashtags, it is wise to combine ultra-popular tags with multiple niche tags to try to capture both a very visible and highly targeted audience.

Think about it: the For You page is personalized according to the interests and preferences of each user. Be sure to use hashtags to tell the algorithm what your video addresses are interested in. The more information there is, the more likely it is to serve the right people.

Keep these guidelines in mind and you are sure to see the title of your content on the For You page in the near future. But while you’re waiting for your adored audience to find you new fans, why not read some of our other daring experiments on social media?

Bonus: Download free 10-day Reels Challenge,, a daily workbook with creative instructions to help you get started with Instagram Reels, track your growth and see results across your entire Instagram profile.

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