Disney Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel sold out in 4 months

A resistance movement operative hands over an invisible figure to a datapad in a Star Wars commercial: The Galactic Starcruiser

Booking list for Galactic Starcruiser is basically plans for the Death Star, at the moment.
Screenshot: Disney Parks

“Who would spend $ 6,000 to stay at Disney Star Wars hotel for and LARP for two nights? ” we all asked, ready to be cut off by our arrogance like Anakin Skywalker breaking through the youth. It turned out that the answer was a lot of people.

Discovered during today Disney FY2021 earnings call for shareholders, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has confirmed that Walt Disney World’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is “practically” fully filled for the first four months of operation. The hotel should be open in spring next year, and there are only about 100 rooms available at a time. Still, since you can only stay for two days as part of your chosen experience that requires you to align your hotel stay with trying to be a Star Wars character (at the hotel) entered the great galactic conflict of the franchise, which is also happening in a hotel that is a spaceship, of course), it is a a lot already a reservation. A lot expensive reservations, as stated, a stay of two nights costs between 4 USD,$ 800 and $ 6,000 for guests to board.

Considering that Disney fully expects people to somehow just book a regular vacation at Disney Park around their stay in Galactic Starcruiser, any potential trip will cost a nicer penny than even most trips to Disney Park, which meant price announcements earlier this year were encountered some significant insults. No matter how we make fun of each other, there is a reason why Disney is as mahogany as it is: if it is sales there will be people who will absolutely cough because of it.

You really will have to read that comic and wait. At least it will be cheaper that way wanting it like Rose Tico we could squeeze a fist through this the whole miserable, beautiful city. Spaceship. Hotel-spaceship.

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