Disney characters catch up with each other in the Apple Arcade game

Mickey looks scary
Photo: Mighty Bear Games

Favorite Disney and Pixar characters will put aside caring and sharing and try to beat each other in Disney Melee Mania, a game that will soon be launched at Apple Arcade.

Mickey in particular looks like he’s taken that part of the “mania” to the maximum and is ready to devour someone’s liver.

Maybe Mickey will finally kick out Goofy Disney Melee Mania

Those accustomed to the sweet and tender Disney stories may be waiting for a surprise Disney Melee Mania. “Fans will compete with Disney and Pixar arcade-style champions in a fun and frantic all-out brawl to survive chaotic targets and stay in the spotlight,” said Simon Davis, CEO of developer Mighty Bear Games.

Players will be able to take Wreck-It to Ralph, Elsa, Mickey Mouse, Frozone, Moana, Buzz Lightyear and others into action in the battle arena. Additional characters will be added over time.

Each round of play will begin with the player choosing between 12 characters to fight in 3-on-3 matches. During each five-minute match, players will need to score as many points as possible – or defeat the opposing team as many times as they can – to have a chance to win. . Disney Melee Mania will offer fast battles for multiple players that put to the test the unique abilities of each character in close combat.

Coming soon to Apple Arcade

Disney Melee Mania of Mighty Bear Games is scheduled to launch on Apple Arcade game subscription service in December 2021.

“Apple Arcade provides seamless uninterrupted gaming service, allowing families to easily enjoy fun and exciting gaming experiences, all without ads or in-app purchases,” said Alex Rofman, senior director of Apple Arcade.

It costs $ 4.99 a month. And one subscription works for up to six family members. The catalog contains over 200 titles, such as the recently published – and similar – Lego Star Wars battles.

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