Disassembly of the Apple Watch 7 Series reveals major changes to the screen, a minor battery upgrade

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An iFixit repair specialist performed his usual disassembly of the Apple Watch Series 7 this week, revealing unannounced component specifications such as battery capacity and highlighting the tent’s features, including a larger screen wearable device.

All-in-one disassembly includes 41mm and 45mm versions of the Apple Watch Series 7, revealing details about components that Apple did not report. To offer a more detailed look at the new wearable device and compare it to previous models, iFixit enlisted the help of three former Apple Watch engineers working at the firm to analyze errors in the production of Instrumental.

Looking at the power delivery, the 45mm model comes with a 1,189 watt-hour battery that is 1.6% more capacity than the 1.17 Wh portion used in the 2020 Apple Watch Series 6mm. The 41mm version has a 1,094 Wh battery, which is a 6.8% increase in capacity. via a 1,024 Wh cell that powered last year’s 40mm version.

Although the batteries are physically larger and more energy-dense, the changes are unlikely to lead to a significant increase in service life in part due to the larger and brighter 7 Series screens, says iFixit. The company also revealed that Apple has adopted a battery design with a metal case for the 41 mm model.

As expected, the larger screen represents the most significant update in the 7 Series. Apple appears to be using cell-based touch panels that integrate touch sensors and OLED layers to reduce production thickness and complexity. In addition to saving space, this technology allows Apple to use a single flexible cable for touch and display data, a change from the two-cable layout in previous watch designs.

According to the report, the new screen design most likely led to production delays. Rumors that led to Apple’s announcement of the 7 Series in September suggested that manufacturing partners faced significant screen problems, problems that returned mass production to mid-September.

Apple Watch Series 7 Deardown Display Compareration

The disassembly confirmed the removal of the diagnostic port of the Apple Watch, which was replaced by a 60.5 GHz wireless module connected to a specially designed base station. Switching to a wireless solution not only gives more interior space, but also removes the potential point of penetration of water and dust. This wireless capability has been labeled as one of the few upgrades to be included in the new on-chip S7 system, silicon that is largely identical to last year’s S6.

Other minor updates include a new speaker grille and a reduction in component brackets.

Overall, iFixit gave the Apple Watch Series 7 a repairability rating of six out of ten, citing modular construction and fairly easy access to the device’s screen and battery.

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