Disassembly of 16-inch MacBook Pro Reveals Retractable Battery Adhesive and Enhanced Interior Parts

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The demolition of Apple’s new MacBook Pro has begun, with one of the first to showcase the slightly modified interior of the 16-inch model with the M1 Max chip.

Retired maker L0vetodream received his 16-inch MacBook Pro in the mail on Tuesday and immediately began disassembling the laptop, sharing photos of the process in Twitter theme by the way.

The entrance to the 16-inch MacBook seems to be identical to other unibody models, with screws placed around the perimeter of the back cover that offer easy access to the inside of the machine.

Removing the cover reveals a known arrangement of internal components. Battery banks containing a total of six cells are located under the palm rest and trackpad, while a custom logic board is located under the keyboard and its “double anodized” black well.

The most obvious change is the logic board, which has a massive central heat distribution board for Apple’s M1 Max chip. The redesigned heat pipe bends downward to pass directly through the center of Apple’s specialized silicone, dissipating heat for exhaust by redesigned fans that supposedly drive 50% more air. As in previous revisions of the MacBook, most of Apple’s fan engineering seems to have entered the fin geometry and, perhaps, the engine, as both fan housings are almost identical to the parts used in the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Other interesting items include a relocated speaker system that is positioned closer to the user and extends the full length of the battery. Four power-canceling woofers stacked in pairs are located in the front corners of the MacBook Pro, while the tweeters are located toward the center of the case.

Source: L0vetodream

L0vetodream goes further, pulling the logic board out of its seat in an aluminum structure and detaching the heatsink to reveal the M1 Max with a large matrix. In previous Intel models, this space was occupied by the system processor, discrete GPU, and memory cluster, each surrounded by connected controllers and other chips. Apple’s all-in-one solution brings these components together in a neat package that sees a single M1 Max system on a chip surrounded by four integrated RAM modules.

Also featured is the acclaimed HDMI port and SDXC card reader, both of which are returning to the MacBook Pro after a five-year hiatus. All ports, including Apple’s MagSafe 3, are firmly attached to the logic board with significant metal brackets.

MacBook Pro’s 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with ProMotion technology, the main feature for this year’s refurbishment, has remained unexplored.

Today’s preliminary removal offers little comment on Apple’s hardware and design. The thicker case probably allows for better thermal performance and adds vertical space for peripheral connectivity options, but the overall interior layout is largely unchanged from recent MacBook Pro models.

A more detailed deconstruction of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro variants that includes component identification and comparison with past hardware is expected soon from specialized companies such as iFixit.

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