Direction without directions, Magic Eraser for iPhone and more [ Awesome Apps of the Week]

From the easier way to meet a friend, to betting on a fight night, to cleaning a photo, this week’s great apps are, well, great. We have a great app for fantasy sports, a smart and simplified alternative to using GPS, and a way to transfer the power of the Pixel 6 to the iPhone.

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Sponsored by: Daily fantasy sports have become incredibly popular in recent years. And as with anything, that means they were dominated by algorithms designed to extract maximum revenue from players. BountySports brings everyday fantasy back to basics, making it all about fans.

Each week, choose a competition and choose who you think will win. Each team you select has a certain number of points. If they are favorites, they are worth one point. If they are an outsider, they are worth more. If your choice wins, you get points. The player with the most points wins.

Registration is fast, selection is easy, and you can deposit funds or withdraw your winnings with just a few taps. BountySports makes daily fantasy sports fun and easy, even for beginners. Best of all, you get a free $ 5 promotional credit just for registering. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Price: Free

Download from: Application store

No map

Mapless steers you in the right direction without giving you detailed directions to your destination.

If you’ve ever found yourself walking through an unfamiliar city or trying to meet a friend on foot, sometimes using Apple Maps is excessive. Mapless gives you direction, not gives you directions.

Whether you want to use your iPhone or Apple Watch, Mapless provides a simple arrow that points you to your destination. This makes it perfect for navigating urban areas that offer more flexibility on the route you are taking. Just look for your destination and Mapless will show you the way. In addition, Mapless now supports SharePlay, a new feature in iOS 15.1. This means you and a friend can move towards each other while using FaceTime. This makes it great for meeting in unfamiliar areas without the need for one side to rest.

As someone who likes to walk the streets with less crowds and explore the city from a less touristy perspective, Mapless is a great way to get where I am going with a little more freedom. If you find following detailed instructions too complicated on foot, Mapless is for you.

Price: Free (offers in-app subscription)

Download from: Application store


TouchRetouch displays a photo before and after removing the power lines
With just a few touches, TouchRetouch can erase objects, smudges, and even unsightly power lines from your photos.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs / Cult of Mac

When Google announced the new Pixel 6, one of the features I saw highlighted was the Magic Eraser. No, this is not a feature that allows you to scrub the paint from the dishwasher without water (although that product is also called Magic Eraser). Instead, it’s a feature in the device’s photo app that allows you to remove unwanted obstacles from images. And when I saw the hype being talked about, I remembered a great iOS app that does the same thing – TouchRetouch.

We have already covered TouchRetouch Cult Maca, but for those unfamiliar, the application is extremely simple. Select a photo from your camera, grab the object removal tool, brush over the objects you want to remove from the image, and press go. The application currently processes all the data surrounding the object and voilà, the offensive object disappears (usually).

Obviously, there are still limits to how well AI can clean an image with a touch, but TouchRetouch often does a very respectable job. In addition, the line removal tool is great for removing power lines and light poles from images with even greater precision. Simply draw a rough line over the transmission line or pole and the TouchRetouch will make it disappear. How about magic wiping ?!

Price: $ 1.99

Download from: Application store


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