Dell’s new UltraSharp video conferencing screen features a 4K webcam

The new 32-inch Dell UltraSharp monitor unveiled at CES 2022 looks like a powerful home for video conferencing. The 4K screen has a 4K webcam with built-in microphones for these WFH meetings. And the monitor also serves as a USB-C hub with a decent selection of ports and 90W of power for your MacBook or other laptop.

Dell U3223QZ UltraSharp Video Conferencing Montor

Dell’s new 32-inch U3223QZ UltraSharp video conferencing monitor is a 4K IPS panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz (great for most Macs and most home office users; not the best for gamers).

Built-in 4K webcam

But the most interesting thing about it? Dell has built a 4K webcam using the Sony 4K HDR STARVIS CMOS sensor, similar to what it uses in its $ 200 standalone UltraSharp webcam.

And the monitor version, unlike the standalone webcam, has two microphones to capture your voice. And you will be able to hear others through two 14 W speakers on the monitor or through headphones.

Dell said that users can adjust the tilt of the camera by 20 degrees and switch between 65, 78 and 90 degrees of field of view. This will give you some options for how you appear in these video calls.

Choosing a port for a new USB-C monitor is no joke.
Photo: Dell

USB-C hub

As a USB-C hub, the new monitor allows you to connect your MacBook with a single USB-C cable. While your machine sends its video signal to the screen, it can also consume 90W of charging power. And you can access five 10Gbps USB-A ports, Ethernet and another USB-C port.

Additionally, if you have a computer with Display Stream compression, you can use the DisplayPort-out port on the monitor to connect another 4K monitor in series.

With HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 input ports on the new screen, you can connect multiple devices and view them in picture-by-picture or picture-in-picture modes. And the built-in KVM allows you to use a pair of peripherals from multiple computers.

The U3223QZ stand allows you to adjust the tilt, rotation and height. You can also rotate the monitor vertically (portrait mode).

Dell said it plans to sell the monitor starting March 29 at a price it will announce closer to that date. In the meantime, you can see a 3D demo here.

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