Decide which browser will open links to Browsersaurus for Mac

If you’re juggling multiple web browsers for development, work, or research, you know that sometimes you don’t always want to open a link in your default web browser.

This is where Browsersaurus comes into play; it is set as the new default web browser, and then when you click on a link from a non-browser application, you will see a menu showing the available web browsers to open the link.

For example, you might click on a link from Messages, Slack, Notes, or Tweetdeck, and instead of opening that URL in Safari, you want to open it in Chrome or Firefox. With Browsersaurus, you have that choice.

This is a super handy tool for web developers, researchers and anyone who spends a lot of time in multiple web browsers.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​Browsersaurus, it is a free download:

Once launched, it requires it to be set as your new default web browser (don’t worry, you can easily change it again at any time from System Preferences).

Now when you click on a link from a non-web browser application, Browsersaurus will offer you a choice in which browser you want to open the application. If you have a bunch of browsers, the window can be scrolled to access other browser options. Nice, isn’t it?

Determine in which web browser you want to open a link to Browsersaurus

Based on testing, this seems to work with basically any web browser, as well as other applications that handle URLs, including Safari, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari Tech Preview, Edge, Locks, Firefox, Zoom and more.

You can also install Browsersaurus with Homebrew and Barrel if you prefer to go this route:
brew install --cask browserosaurus

Just remember to set Browsersaurus as your default browser to work as expected. If you miss this on first run, you can always do it again from the menu bar item.

This app will probably be most useful for web developers and everyone else who basically lives in web browsers, whether juggling multiple search engines for specific projects or compatibility checks and so on,

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