Dear, he is chasing you … Even strange things are chasing you

A decent robotic nightmare rediscovered

If you have never come across Sir, You Are Are Hunted when it was published, you have failed to learn lessons on how to try to use stone, paper or a shotgun in an attempt to defend yourself from various English robots for killing. It’s an occasionally funny horror game for surviving the relentless variety of roguelike; no replay is the same, and bad luck when the world is created means a short and awkward game, while luck leads to a lot of fun.

The disconnection offered by the game, through very decent English robots that intend to viciously kill you if they find you, adds a very unique atmosphere to the game. Add to that an almost Lovecraft environment with an extremely diverse killer robot design and you’ll get a very memorable game and a well-spent $ 20. That’s enough to say about the original five islands, because it’s time to visit them again for Sir, You Are Hunted: Reinvented Edition.

More than just a remastered release, this adds new visuals, user interface and controls, as well as an optional convenience system, larger islands and updated sound. It will also differ from the original, although it is not clear how accurate it is. The cramped inventory and lack of offensive weapons are likely to remain, so we hope you will still be able to guide the robots to their downfall with an assortment of musical instruments; assuming you’ve found some fun toys you can step on. The original is a very strange and fun game, but it is by no means easy, so the Reinvented Edition can look forward to 2022.

Sir, you’re being chased: The Reinvented Edition will be reduced by 20% if you own the original, and the announcement of its existence also came with a huge patch that adds visual enhancements and returns multiplayer to the original.

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