Day 2 Keynote on ACPC and Games

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7:05 PM EST – Edge and cloud

7:05 PM EST – AI brings so many possibilities

7:04 PM EST – Regardless of user, device, use case, company, connection – connectivity on demand and computing inspires

7:03 PM EST – It changes the way people work, work remotely, play, travel

7:03 PM EST – How does 5G change Windows?

7:02 PM EST – move between spaces, devices and stay connected

7:02 PM EST – home, work and life

7:01 PM EST – the engine that drives the home

7:01 PM EST – Computers have become necessary for us in the last few years

7:01 PM EST – The delay is about 750ms

7:00 PM EST – Panos from Microsoft live convo remotely

7:00 PM EST – transition to new architectures and ecosystems

6:59 PM EST – next generation productivity

6:58 PM EST – The future is about connected high-performance computers

6:56 PM EST – ACPC redefines the computer for the future

6:56 PM EST – Now to the ACPC

6:55 PM EST – The Cadillac Lyric 2023

6:55 PM EST – ‘Please buy Lyric, there are a lot of Qualcomm chips there’

6:54 PM EST – This is taking a little while

6:53 PM EST – Cadillac talks about the driving characteristics that Tesla had 4 years ago

6:51 PM EST – Snapdragon Drive has enabled super cruising for 200,000 miles of roads in the United States

6:50 PM EST – Cadillac should be a leader in the field of luxury electric vehicles

6:49 PM EST – video time

6:48 PM EST – Cooperation with GM and Cadillac

6:48 PM EST – There is no mention of car problems that silicon even drives heated seats

6:48 PM EST – Work with 25/26 car brands

6:48 PM EST – Build on transformation trends for tomorrow’s cars

6:48 PM EST – All about platforms

6:47 PM EST – Connected advanced computer on wheels

6:47 PM EST – Build a platform for all these applications

6:46 PM EST – connectivity, computing, graphics, security, all at Qualcomm

6:46 PM EST – Building an ecosystem around qualcomm – a systemic perspective

6:46 PM EST – Redefining intelligent transport

6:45 PM EST – Customized experiences

6:45 PM EST – The car becomes a hub for the distribution of services and media

6:44 PM EST – Snapdragon Play in the automotive industry

6:44 PM EST – Connecting different visual categories

6:42 PM EST – Ongoing qualcomm support and solutions with Razer

6:41 PM EST – Razer video time

6:41 PM EST – Snapdragon G3x handheld programmer kit

6:40 PM EST – VRR, HDR

6:40 PM EST – Best permanent GPU perf / watt

6:40 PM EST – Android launched

6:40 PM EST – Change the like

6:40 PM EST – Phones and worse

6:40 PM EST – Inspiring new form factors

6:40 PM EST – Designed for mobile players

6:39 PM EST –G3x Gen 1

6:39 PM EST – Cooperation with Razer

6:38 PM EST – G3x Gen 1 announcement

6:37 PM EST – Mobile games are great (50% + game revenue)

6:37 PM EST – Ok back to QC, we’re talking about games

6:34 PM EST – Speaking of industry

6:33 PM EST – Well, hands on the keyboard

6:32 PM EST – Andrew’s avatar looks like he’s playing the piano

6:31 PM EST – Meta tail and Cristiano in the metaverse

6:30 PM EST – Facebook / Meta video now

6:29 PM EST – However, it is not about one size

6:28 PM EST – 5G drives the evolution of the social network

6:27 PM EST – The opportunity is real, it’s more than a buzzword

6:25 PM EST – Automotive is part of the metaverse

6:24 PM EST – Regardless of the version of the metaverse

6:24 PM EST – Regardless of the device, you will need a connection

6:23 PM EST – Metaverse time

6:23 PM EST – Back to Qualcomm

6:22 PM EST – Better together

6:20 PM EST – ‘new normalcy’

6:20 PM EST – initiating transformation on the edge for consumers and businesses

6:20 PM EST – Lenovo shares this opinion

6:20 PM EST – Smart house, smart city

6:19 PM EST – Be connected all the time

6:18 PM EST – Lenovo CEO on video

6:17 PM EST – 1600+ devices outside the smartphone that use snapdragon

6:17 PM EST – This is not a vision, it is happening today

6:17 PM EST – ICE and digital cockpit

6:17 PM EST – Snapdragon automatically

6:17 PM EST – A revolution in mobile games as well

6:16 PM EST – Consider adding VR / AR / XR

6:16 PM EST – See high speed traction on a number of devices

6:16 PM EST – Qualcomm has one technology roadmap

6:15 PM EST – Look at that handheld device

6:15 PM EST – A role outside the smartphone

6:15 PM EST – The next few years you will see QC on the whole edge, not just on mobile

6:14 PM EST – If you believe in cloud growth, a company like Qualcomm is making those connections

6:14 PM EST – This is a repeated statement – it is difficult to emphasize the growth of clouds

6:14 PM EST – Focus on connecting billions of devices and improving them

6:13 PM EST – That will never change – it will still be the company that is driving the pace of mobile telephony

6:13 PM EST – Qualcomm is best known for mobile / smartphone

6:13 PM EST – Transfer mobile experiences to different devices

6:12 PM EST – Cristiano is leading again today

6:12 PM EST – Yesterday it was all about the smartphone, today about the PC and playing on the hand

6:11 PM EST – Day 2

6:11 PM EST – And here we are

6:04 PM EST – We are here on the second day of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, ready for an introductory speech on the next generation of always connected computers (ACPC) and playing games without smartphones. We have new silicon and new handheld talking devices.

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