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6:26 PM EST – With smartphones

6:26 PM EST – 8K Livestream HDR over 5G mmWave to the US mainland with Verizon 5G and bitripple

6:25 PM EST – 3.5 Gbps uplink

6:25 PM EST – Allows you to store all your data in the cloud as if it were local

6:24 PM EST – Download speed is just as important as download

6:24 PM EST – I continue part of the story

6:24 PM EST – The world’s first 10G modem to use the 3GPP edition 16

6:23 PM EST – The only solution that supports mmWave and Sub-6

6:23 PM EST – 4nm process efficiency

6:22 PM EST – X65 is a first edition modem 16

6:21 PM EST – Most people watching live streaming are likely to rely on wireless technology, Wi-Fi or 4G / 5G

6:21 PM EST – More cloud computing, more cloud data, so connectivity has to be reliable

6:21 PM EST – A reliable connection is required

6:20 PM EST – Start connecting

6:20 PM EST – It will be able to continue to redefine premium mobile experiences

6:20 PM EST – evolution of social interactions, games

6:20 PM EST – Today is about how Snapdragon continues to provide experiences and improve them

6:19 PM EST – Without compromising battery life

6:19 PM EST – Apply AI to everything

6:19 PM EST – AI perf / watt

6:19 PM EST – Connected via 5G, of course

6:19 PM EST – But real scaling happens at the edge with end-user devices

6:19 PM EST – Scaling in the data center

6:18 PM EST – AI is an amazing technology

6:18 PM EST – Build technologies in every single processing and connectivity area to build the best of what you can get in a mobile device

6:18 PM EST – Snapdragon remains a platform with industry-leading performance and features

6:17 PM EST – What do you expect from Qualcomm

6:17 PM EST – There is more you can do with a smartphone

6:17 PM EST – Nobody ever said ‘my relationship is fast enough’

6:17 PM EST – Engineering solutions

6:16 PM EST – Snapdragon in the center

6:16 PM EST – Laptops, games, XR

6:16 PM EST – Impact on more than smartphones

6:16 PM EST – taking mobile technology to new experiences

6:15 PM EST – Demand for mobile devices is at its peak of all time

6:15 PM EST – Exceeding the user experience

6:15 PM EST – Qualcomm defines premium

6:13 PM EST – Changes in the industry

6:13 PM EST – All about flagships

6:13 PM EST – ‘I heard this is the coolest event in the technology industry’

6:12 PM EST – Cristiano Amon on stage, CEO

6:12 PM EST – partner ecosystem here at the event

6:12 PM EST – Schedule announcements today

6:12 PM EST – above user expectations

6:12 PM EST – build a brand

6:12 PM EST – a new era for the brand, prem performance

6:12 PM EST – Snapdragon 8 series platform

6:11 PM EST – rejig brand

6:11 PM EST – Simplified naming structure of the mobile platform

6:11 PM EST – Bold logo and badge design changes

6:11 PM EST – Delighted with evolution

6:11 PM EST – Prepare for the next snapdragon

6:10 PM EST – 80% in China

6:10 PM EST – Snapdragon has 53% brand awareness globally

6:10 PM EST – They invited some to the event

6:10 PM EST – These are great fans

6:10 PM EST – 3.5 million snapdragon insiders worldwide

6:10 PM EST – 2B + snapdragon devices

6:09 PM EST – Preference for snapdragon globally high

6:09 PM EST – Experiences of the new generation in driving

6:09 PM EST – Snapdragon a decade

6:08 PM EST – Don McGuire on stage, CMO

6:08 PM EST – And here we go

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