Customize your space with Lutron’s updated smart shades for HomeKit

Some of Lutron’s HomeKit-enabled Serena shades can really block a lot of light.
Photo: Lutron

Whether you’re looking to redesign your space with a fresh look or you just want to block out more light on a sunny morning, Lutron’s updates to its smart shades and blinds might help do the trick.

Lutron rolled out its HomeKit-enabled Serena Smart Architectural Honeycomb Shades on Monday with more than 40 fabric choices and some new refinements to block more light.

Lutron Serena Smart Architectural Honeycomb Shades

As Lutron put it:

New Serena by Lutron smart architectural honeycomb shades are perfect for those looking to effortlessly create a more comfortable environment customized to reflect their own personal style. These new shades are built using the same ultra-reliable smart shading technology as the rest of the Serena shade line, while offering significant enhancements in both décor sophistication and light blocking performance.

The updated shades feature new top and bottom bars with custom paint to match your chosen fabric. That gives the shade a coordinated look.

Don’t want to know if it’s day or night outside? The bars and fabric can block up to 99% of light. The shades also feature a new mounting bracket and a larger cell size.

Serena Smart Architectural Honeycomb Shades come in four fabric collections offering more than 40 options, including blackout and light-filtering choices. You can order the custom shades in widths up to 96 inches and heights up to 104 inches.

Serena smart shades pair with Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge for use with HomeKit via Siri commands or automations. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The bridge is optional and sold separately.

Price: starts at $ 603 for a 3-foot x 5-foot custom shade

Where to buy: Lutron

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