Continuous telecommuting that most software engineers want

A survey by a software engineer recruitment company found that three-quarters of developers want permanent remote work arrangements, at least part of the week.

Two-thirds of them say they are more productive when they work from home, and Apple’s policy seems to miss the target for most…


Most Apple employees are currently working from home, and the company has given up on predicting when it will return to the office.

Back in June last year, CEO Tim Cook announced a hybrid work plan, in which employees would work from the office three days a week, and telecommuting was available to most of the other two.

After the return of employees who wanted more flexibility – including the option to work remotely five days a week – Cook was initially adamant that there would be no change in policy. The company later made one concession: it allowed staff to work remotely for four weeks a year, compared to the two weeks originally offered.

Most software engineers want constant telecommuting

A survey of thousands of software engineers conducted by the employment company Terminal showed that 75% of them want to work remotely – at least part of the week.

However, it seems that the gap between Apple’s offer and what most developers want may not be insurmountable: the biggest support was for a hybrid model of three days a week of remote work, one more than Apple’s two.

The reason you want to work from home includes business and personal reasons. About 68% of developers say they are more productive working from home, given the quiet environment and fewer interruptions. A similar number say it gives them a better balance between work and private life, and almost half say they feel less stressed when working remotely.

However, the hybrid model seems optimal, ZDNet listed some of the reasons why he wants to be in the office two days a week.

Isolation has been found to be a key complaint of remote software engineers. Just over half (55%) of respondents said they suffer from a lack of everyday social personal interactions, while 40% cited loneliness or feelings of isolation.

Lack of direct contact with others also makes collaboration and involvement difficult, says 38% of developers. Meanwhile, 31% said that working remotely hinders career development because they are less visible to their managers and supervisors.

Previous polls have found that many would be willing to cut wages to work permanently from home, and some people with higher earnings are willing to sacrifice up to $ 30,000 a year.

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