Concept: What if the comma eventually came to Apple Watch?

It could be every day. A comma is inevitable. It makes its way to any device it can. The new MacBook Pro didn’t need a comma, it’s primarily for aesthetics. Last night, Bloomberg posted pictures of Meta’s upcoming smartwatch that happens to have a notch with a camera. It is quite possible that Apple is considering putting a notch and a camera on the Apple Watch.

If Apple put a comma on the watch, it would certainly be much smaller than any of those on other devices. There would probably only be a small camera in it. With the screen now pushed to the edge on the Apple Watch Series 7, the notch is really the only way Apple can bring a camera to the device.

With a notch for the camera, Apple could finally bring FaceTime to the watch and present a complete camera app for taking selfies. Both apps could have miniature versions of their iPhone counterparts. There could be a simple three-button user interface for FaceTime calls and a camera app.

A comma is something that Apple either hides or emphasizes. Sometimes they like to show if it’s off, and other times they want it to go away. With the new MacBook Pro, they are very transparent about the comma in marketing materials.

With the iPhone X, they showed a comma in each photo. All default backgrounds highlighted the comma. So, the first Apple Watch to have one will surely have face watches that take advantage of the unique shape of the screen.

I put together a few dials that would take advantage of commas. The first is a simple illuminated frame that emphasizes the shape of the screen. Here I showed it with pride with a sports loop and a rainbow design.

The crushed large numbers on the middle face line up on both sides of the notch. The two middle numbers would be stacked vertically below the notch with a horizontal colon.

The last face I designed was inspired by the new Mindfulness app in watchOS 8. It fills the entire dial with dazzling abstract animation that should help you calm down.

What do you think about the idea of ​​Apple bringing news to the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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