Clubhouse extends clips to all users on iOS, adds a new option to share links for rooms

After launching its new “Clips” option in beta last week, which allows users to by sharing 30-second audio clips from public spaces, Clubhouse has now extended the option to all iOS users, while launching another new sharing feature, in the form of out-of-app redistribution room connections.

First of all, about the clips — as stated, Clubhouse announced last week the launch of the Clips program, which provides a new scissors icon that, when touched, will take the last 30 seconds of sound from a public room to share with third parties.

The option had to prove itself well in early testing, as Clips has now been extended to all iOS users.

As you can see in this example, the Clips function is quite simple – tap the icon, Clubhouse merges the audio clip, and then you can share it with other platforms.

This option is not yet available on Android, but Android broadcasters can enable clips to help them share their shows.

In addition, and as noted by an audio social expert Morgan Evetts, Clubhouse is also being added QR codes on shared clips, which connect to the living room in progress.

It’s a handy option that will no doubt help raise awareness about Clubhouse shows – and that’s a key issue right now, and the discovery has proven to be a key challenge for all social media audio apps.

Twitter continues to work on its Spaces tab to raise awareness, and the Clubhouse, now open to all, is working to help users browse the 700,000 rooms broadcast daily in the app and highlight the most relevant discussions for them.

The clips will help in this regard as they will allow users to inform their followers on other platforms about current discussions that might be of interest.

This is where the feature comes in – in addition to clips, Clubhouse has added a new link sharing option for private rooms, providing a direct link back to Clubhouse chats.

Sharing ties with the clubhouse

As you can see here, you will now be able to tap on ‘Share room connection’, which you can then use to direct people outside the app back to live chats.

As Clubhouse explained:

“A lot of people have told the team that it would be great to just take a private link to the Clubhouse room and put it in a calendar invitation similar to a phone call or video chat. Now you can – with Clubhouse Links. Users can share this private connection with friends, family, or just about anyone you want to talk to on a regular basis. ”

Clubhouse links will provide an easy way to encourage engagement in the app, and links can be reused, meaning anyone invited can reactivate the room at any time to start a conversation.

“To pick up a connection to the Clubhouse, just tap” + Room “in the hallway, then tap” Gather a room using a link. “The unique link will be copied to the clipboard so you can send a text message to the group, put it in a calendar invitation, or add it to your event list anywhere. The room will be private – open only to people who have the link – and you’ll be notified when people join.

This could be another way to encourage greater engagement in the app and help Clubhouse discover a niche in the wider social media space.

Since Facebook and Twitter now offer both audio social tools, Clubhouse is simply not a leader in the space it was in the beginning, meaning the app must find its sweet spot in enabling audio engagement, in line with the tools available on larger apps.

The very advantage of these platforms will make it difficult for Clubhouse to become a real competitor. But if it can focus on niche utilization and maximize community engagement, it can still become a key tool for many, much like how Snapchat laid its foundations, despite being much smaller than the competition.

There are good signs for the Clubhouse on this front as well, but the use is still great, especially in developing regions like India, where it could serve a unique purpose.

It remains a favorite of many, and still offers plenty of opportunities. And if Clubhouse can continue to add new tools and functionality like this, it could maintain and increase its relevance, even if it’s no longer a cool new app.

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