Clubhouse adds live subtitles for maximum accessibility

While a little behind Twitter Spaces on this front, Clubhouse is announced that subtitles are now available for Clubhouse chats, starting with iOS.

As you can see here, the new live subtitle option will allow users to follow in text format, improving accessibility while facilitating extended use, with people being able to engage in ‘muted’ situations if they wish. It can also help clarify context and meaning, with the added benefit of having written text to support the sound as it comes.

Clubhouse subtitles are currently only available in English and iOS only, but additionally 12 languages ​​are reportedly in beta testing.

As mentioned, subtitles are available on Twitter Spaces, which is now probably the leading audio social platform, From the beginning, although Twitter had the advantage of having a background for live subtitles as a break from Periscope.

With the rise of Twitter Spaces, the path to the Clubhouse’s continued success is more challenging, but the app continues to grow, especially in India, which is now its largest market, based on app downloads from App Annie (10.3 million downloads) in India versus 5 million in the US).

With a much larger potential audience base and given that Twitter has failed to gain significant appeal in the Indian market, this could make the region a more useful focus for Clubhouse – so while its momentum may have slowed in Western markets, Clubhouse still has significant opportunities. if it can maximize its use in different regions.

And if he manages to establish a solid foundation, it will allow the Clubhouse to continue construction, which could ensure its long-term success.

So, although it seemed to be lagging behind, Clubhouse still has a path to continued success and could still become a key connectivity app for different sectors and demographic groups.

Closed subtitles add another element to its wider launch.

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