Clubhouse adds a universal search, playback and cropping feature for easy sharing

Clubhouse has announced a set of new features aimed at improving in-app functionality and engagement, while giving creators more ways to maximize the value of their shows.

The biggest addition is its new search feature that will allow users to find more relevant content in the app.

As you can see in this example, Clubhouse users will now be able to find relevant rooms, clubs, and upcoming events based on keyword searches.

As Clubhouse explained:

It’s crazy that you can’t search the rooms at the Clubhouse … so now you can, because we’re delivering Universal Search today. This will allow you to search for people, clubs, live rooms and future events – so you can find your friends faster, discover amazing clubs and events related to the latest news or geek occupation, and find rooms about certain things happening in the world right now .

The discovery quickly became an urgent need for the app, with a gradual expansion meaning more and more rooms ended up in the space, making it difficult to find relevant, interesting shows at any given time.

We’ve seen the same thing happen with live video streams — after everyone was able to broadcast, the quality ratio dropped quickly as platforms were flooded with random streams of people staring down the camera lens, screaming at comments as they came through, among other things questionable emissions.

In recent weeks, Clubhouse has revealed the same, which has affected user engagement, while Twitter is also battling similar challenges for its audio spaces, to ensure it highlights the most relevant shows for each user at all times.

Discovery is difficult, and algorithms even more difficult, and as such, it makes sense for Clubhouse to focus on keyword discovery as a starting point, which it can then refine and refine to ideally increase usage.

Clubhouse is also officially launching its new Clips feature, which will allow users to share audio clips from Club shows.

As shown in this video, The clips will allow Clubhouse users to share clips of public spaces for 30 seconds, helping to raise awareness and interest in Clubhouse shows.

To create a clip, listeners and hosts will be able to see a new clip icon that, when touched, will capture the last 30 seconds of the sound, simplifying the sharing process.

People can share clips of your show on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or WhatsApp – and even save them to their cameras for quick editing. ”

This could also open up potential privacy issues – which is why Clubhouse has added basic safeguards to control clip sharing. The clips will not be available for private, social or club premises, while for public broadcasting the hosts will have the option to decide whether the clips are enabled.

And finally, in what will be a great addition for podcasters and those who want to maximize the value of their chats in the Clubhouse, Clubhouse is also introducing Replays, which means your conversations will live on from the broadcast itself.

“You will be able to choose if you want to enable repeat when starting the room. If included, your room will be visible in the Clubhouse as much as you want – and available for download and sharing anywhere. ”

Twitter is developing the same for Spaces, and while this somewhat reduces the exclusivity and immediacy of the live broadcast presence, it also facilitates more sharing options, which could allow broadcasters to gain more value from their efforts.

It’s still hard to say what the future holds for Clubhouse, with the rapid rise of an app that is now seemingly gone, and competing apps are trying to counter its growth potential with their own copying tools. If Clubhouse can’t provide a wide audience, it diminishes its value to some extent – but the possibility of reusing your content could also be the opposite of this, while disclosure remains a critical concern.

As such, these updates make a lot of sense and could help improve the look of the app in an effort to sustain and increase interest.

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