Clash Of The Titans – Intel is behind Samsung again

Except from 2018-2019, Chipzilla has been the king of beasts since 1992.

Samsung had an amazing year, with average sales up 30.5% from 2020 thanks to the fact that memory is selling the fastest imaginable, an increase of 31% over previous years. Intel, on the other hand, recorded a slight increase of 1.5%, thanks to the effect that the lack of supply had on the demand for new CPUs, and perhaps because Alder Lake did not start helping until November 2021. In raw numbers that’s $ 81.3 billion for Samsung and $ 79 billion for Intel; total income is not so different even if it is growth.

The two companies expect to have more production capacity this year, but as demand continues to exceed supply prices it will remain high and Intel and Samsung can expect 2022 to be quite profitable. That may be great news for them, not so much for us poor consumers. DDR5 will also make 2022 interesting, if stocks and prices remain as they are, Samsung could see even better growth this year.

Intel does not accept this lying down, Pat Gelsinger has a plan to bring Samsung back to another place. Intel spent $ 15.19 billion on research and development in fiscal 2021, up 12% from the past and representing a good portion of their total revenue. Intel being Intel, there were no details on what they were working on, but PCPer friend Kevin Krewell managed to get Intel to narrow it down to their “semiconductor process map as well as new chip designs,” which certainly narrows it down , not that?

Between 2024 and 2025, Intel plans to start printing next-generation gate chips around transistors, RibbonFET and packaging technologies, which are likely to make up the bulk of the R&D budget. It’s pretty refreshing to see Pat Gelsinger focus on new product development, previous years under Brian Krzanich and Robert Swan were neither great for Intel nor so exciting for enthusiasts.

We can hope that at least some money has been saved for Raja Koduri’s team, as well as for the storage group!

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